Celebrity Swimwear Designer AmbiKa Sanjana launched BiKa amidst great pomp and fair.

Celebrity Swimwear Designer AmbiKa Sanjana launched BiKa amidst great pomp and fair.

Lastnight, Mumbai saw all the glitteratzis and fashionistas at a much lookedforward do at the luxurious store CREO, where Ambika Sanjana launched BiKaSwimwear, an international swimwear brand.

There was an eclectic mix of socialites & celebrities who graced theoccasion like Mia Yuedo, Reshma & Sulaiman Merchant, Adam & Nisha Bedi,Nishka Lulla, Ashish Raheja, Siddhartha Rawal, Shama Sikander and RizwanSikender, Henry & Ashita Tham, Haniif Hilal, Parveen Dusanj, Sonal Shah,Karishma Tanna, Subha Sethi and Rupal Gagar and many more.

The highlight of the event was Live Mannequins modeling the BiKa Swimwear. Thecrowd was glued to the window outside gazing at the hot models which almostblocked the traffic. Ambika’s muse Mia Yuedo stepped out graciously in BiKaswimwear which got many applauds. Models got the attention as they walkedaround wearing BiKa swimwear and posed for the paparazzi.

While cheese and wine was served around guests were seen admiring thecollection. Among the celebrities,Karan Grover was spotted with a mysterious girl, Hanif Hilal and Karishma Tannacame together. Initially Hanif was conscious to be clicked along with Karishma,but later they posed for paparazzi . The guests felt that something was brewingup between them.

As the crowd was glued to the window gazing these hot and glamorous models, thecrowd was abuzz with talk of this unique concept & quite a few guests weredetermined to do the dame at their stores!

Ambika’s collaboration with an NGO called Birth Right where a portion of themoney generated by BiKa goes to the NGO was the talk of the evening.