Celebrity Fashion mix and match!

The Mix and match fashion much prevalent among the womencelebrities has also started influencing men celebs. We spotted some realterrific celebrity fashion mix and match. However, unhappening it might be yettwo heartthrobs Imran Khan and Kailash Kher were spotted sporting such mix matchfashion.

Recently Imran Khan attended Designer Brand Satya Paul’s eventand in spite of it being a designer event Imran made a major fashion disaster.He sported a trendy beard look matched with Black blazer and black trouser. However,no sooner did you look at him from top to toe you would have spotted not so coolwhite shoes with fluorescent green border. This is not it. He carried a mufti-coloredhandkerchief in his left breast pocket and he matched his socks with this handkerchief.

What followed was a dazzling performance given by Kailash Kherfew days later in Delhi for a program called Vishwas. But the dazzlingperformance had not- so- dazzling outfit worn by Kailash Kher. With shockingpink Kurtis having floral blue designs Kailash Kher wore blue denim shoes. Theuniqueness about the shoe was the one shoe had blue border while the other shoehad pink border and yellow laces. To top it all he wore a maroon scarf.

Well now, in spite of such atrocious blunders, the celebritycharm remained just the same with the audience.