Celebrating two victorious brands– Karan Tanna of Genuine Broaster Chicken & Kapil Pathare-

Celebrating two victorious brands– Karan Tanna of Genuine Broaster Chicken & Kapil Pathare

30. Kapil Pathare, RJ Archana with Karan Tanna DSC_9226

Where Kapil Pathare, Biker, Entrepreneur, Director of VIP Clothing Ltd. & author of one of the bestselling books-  A Tall Order believes that – “Live Life every day as if it’s your last”, Karan Tanna Founder & CEO of Yellow Tie Hospitality Management LLP believes that “There is nothing like failure; it’s just one step towards success”. No wonder, their enigmatic personality attracts people and the limelight wherever they go.

23. Kapil PAthare with Sunil Pathare DSC_9169

Amidst good food, great minds & inspiring visionaries – Ujwala Raut, Shibani Kashyap, Vikas Verma, Pragati Mehra, DJ Sheizwood rocked and played for the evening, Anuj Sachdeva, Shweta Khanduri, Prashant Virender Sharma, Saru Maini, Fashion Designer Premal Badiani, Bob Brahmbhatt, Aditya Singh Rajput, Aziz Zee, Umesh Pherwani, Avinash Wadhawan,  Roma Navani, Adi Irani and Shiva, Simran Ahuja, etc raised a toast of triumph, victory & accomplishments of Kapil Pathare & Karan Tanna midst the opulence, splendour & grandiosity of “The Broaster Chicken” & “A Tall Order”

29. Rahul Motwani with Karan Tanna DSC_9667

A Tall Order which will see its grand launch overseas must be rewarded with great food & that’s what brough Kapil Pathare & Karan Tanna together on one glittering platform. Kapil Pathare, the exceptionally talented author who penned the success story with his book “A Tall Order” unveiled by Srilankan Legend Mr Sanath Jayasuriya which has already entered the bestseller hall of fame crossing 2000 copies pan India &Karan Tanna, the visionary entrepreneur who has created one of the fastest growing franchise management F&B brand in the world today “The Broaster Chicken” have one thing in common : they both believe that good mood is an end result of good food & A Tall Order. This inspirational union brought a reason for all of us to celebrate the unprecedented successes of the The Broaster Chicken F&B Franchise as the most awarded F&B Brand worldwide & “A Tall Order” receiving an overwhelming response & encouraging thousands of people worldwide. 

 37. Chef. Harpal Singh, Kapil Pathare, Savan Kumar Tak, and Karan Tanna DSC_9708

Kapil Pathare who launched his book “A Tall Order” which traces the cricketing careers of ten best cricketers from India in the last 25 years shares the success of his book with Karan Tanna Founder & CEO of Yellow Tie Hospitality Management LLP who not only owns the license of Genuine Broaster Chicken, an American casual dine in Broasted Chicken brand, he is responsible for the rapid growing outlets all over the country which is why it was the most awarded restaurant brand in 2016.

27. Kapil Pathare, Premal Badiani with Karan Tanna DSC_9253

Kapil Pathare has penned his success story not just by his sheer corporate skills but quite literally as an established author. While his first book inaugurated by Mr Kiran More was ideated on a cricket pitch when he saw the Indian cricket team in a huddle , A Tall Order echoes about the lives of 10 extra ordinary cricketers. Their contribution to the sport has made the country what it is today. Together these 10 cricketers have fashioned the fortunes of cricket in the country “First & foremost I would like to congratulate Mr. Karan Tanna for single handedly making Genuine Broaster Chicken one of the most seen & talked about brand. As far as The Tall Order is concerned I am overwhelmed with the response. Cricket is a sport which is not only religiously followed but also worshiped in India. It was pleasure to pen the journey of ten legends who have glorified the Indian flag on International soil. I am all the more happy to be sharing my success with Mr. Tanna who is a name to reckon in the F & B industry”.

33. DJ Sheizwood, Kapil Pathare, Shweta Khanduri, Saru Maini with Karan Tanna DSC_9387

Karan Tanna helmed the launch of the 1st ever Broaster store at Versova in August 2016.  To his hardwork & determination, the brand has 14 operational stores across India in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Raipur, Patna, Lucknow. Mr. Tanna has featured in Forbes 30 under 30 as the youngsters who holds the potential to be India’s icons of tomorrow. Karan Tanna who own 5 more brands under Yellow Tie Hospitality Management LLP   has opened 250 restaurants in last 4 years all over the country.  The menu of  Genuine Broaster Chicken which has been specially curated by Chef  Harpal Singh Sokhi is becoming the fastest growing international F & B brand ever in the Indian history “We have a vision of being the largest F & B franchise management company in the world, currently with success of Broaster in India we are very excited to kick off portfolio of over 5 brands in this year. We will also take Indian brands to other countries of world and will aim at giving world a first Indian restaurant chain “

Genuine broaster chicken, an American casual dine in broasted chicken brand ,which is present in 36 countries. It owns patent of equipment called a pressure fryer, where if the chicken is fried, it utilities 50% lesser oil and retains 20% more moisture.