Celebrating food & lifestyle with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor & Chef Ajay Chopra

Celebrating food & lifestyle with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor & Chef Ajay Chopra

FOODFOOD channel, India’s premier food and lifestyle destination, celebrates India’s passion for good food and ‘Hi’ life.

FOODFOOD, helmed by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, has become the culinary authority for viewers aspiring for a modern cultural experience. The unparalleled popularity of the channel is due to its groundbreaking programming line-up featuring top chefs and celebrities.

In continuation with its innovative approach, FOODFOOD launches two new and exciting shows: Hi Tea with Chef Ajay Chopra and Out of the World Series …Africa with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Through these shows FOODFOOD will provide viewers with new experiences and contemporary lifestyle interests – leisure, travel and adventure.

Taking time to relax and unwind shouldn’t be something you only do on weekends! Hi Tea with Chef Ajay Chopra is a brand new series that focuses on effortless, foolproof recipes that are guaranteed to enrich your evenings. With his culinary creativity and true passion for food, Chef Ajay Chopra has worked with some of the most prestigious names around the world like Gordon Ramsay and Angela Harn. Chef Ajay is currently the Executive Chef at the Westin Mumbai Garden City, a 5-star deluxe hotel that stands as an oasis of calm sophistication and refined taste within the hustle and bustle of city life.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his show, Chef Ajay said, “These days too many people get their snacks out of a packet, which is not particularly healthy or inspiring. Through this show we want to make your teatime break a much needed break of the day. With this show, evening tea time will become the best experience of your day!”

FOODFOOD along with Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor will take you on a journey to explore the little-known places around the globe. In his new show Out of the World Series… Africa, the adventure begins in East Africa.

From the Indian kitchen into the African wilderness, Chef Sanjeev recounts his tale of scary encounters, unusual spices and rendezvous with a tribal chieftain and much more! Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor will deliver an unusual, colorful adventure series where he discovers food, lifestyle, and culture – the African way.

Commenting on the new series, Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor said, “Indian consumers are evolving and we pride ourselves in bringing to our viewers the best of food and lifestyle content from around the world.”

Hi Tea premieres on August 13, 4.00 pm and Out of the World Series…Africa begins August 16, 9.00 pm on FOODFOOD channel. Both series promise viewers the very best of food and lifestyle programming, sure to leave them with a healthy appetite for more!