Captain Ali Punishes Minissha, Gautam and Soni

Captain Ali Punishes Minissha, Gautam and Soni

Captain Ali’s reign of terror continues as he shuffles responsibilities among contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. For today, he has assigned Minissha, Karishma and Soni to clean the garden area. However, given that Karishma is punished, he has no control over her completion of the tasks assigned to her.

In the evening, when Gautam decides to go for a swim, he finds that the pool is dirty. He points this out to Ali who gets quite upset. So, he calls upon Minissha and Soni to clean the pool. While they complete the task, when Gautam goes back to the pool, he sees that it is still unclean. Deciding to take matters in his own hands, Gautam starts cleaning the pool once more. Ali spots him and is enraged by the situation.

Ali calls upon Minissha and Soni and points out that they have not completed the task assigned to them. He confronts them and when they tell him that dirt will continue to settle into the pool throughout the day, Ali decides he has had enough. He punishes Soni and Minissha and makes them sit in different corners of the garden area. He further punishes Gautam for working out of turn and trying to clean the pool.

Soni and Minissha are extremely upset by this move and vent their anger saying that they feel that they are in a school. Gautam says that all he wanted was a swim and this behavior by Ali is unjustifiable because there was no need to punish any contestant for such a small issue. Every time the contestants try to explain their point of view, Ali rubbishes their arguments and makes them sit outside for close to half an hour before releasing them.

Well, Ali and his captaincy is certainly not something that the contestants want to dwell on. But his actions are definitely going to bring some unsavoury reactions…

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