“Canvironment Week 2012” kicks off in South Africa

“Canvironment Week 2012” kicks off in South Africa

 Nampak and Collect-a-Can, the African partners for the Hindustan Tin initiated “Canvironment Week”, along with Green Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa from 28th to 30th September, 2012 kicked off the proceedings of Canvironment Week 2012.The focus was to educate South Africans about the environmental benefits and recyclability of cans Lifestyle and fashion accessories created by the students of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (India) for Canvironment Week India in 2011 were also displayed at a fashion show during the Green Expo at Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

The South African “CAN DO!” stand won the ‘Most Interactive Exhibitor Award’ at the Green Expo. Sustainable topics were put under the spotlight with the sustainability of metal packaging, spearheading the conversation on the “CAN DO!” stage. International and local speakers, such as Atit Bhatia (President, Canvironment Week and Sr VP Hindustan Tin Works Ltd), Jane McKenzie, Jason Drew, Matthew Rosmarin and Nick Tselintis, came together to drive home the sustainability message in its entirety.

Go Glamour, a parallel show to the green expo in Johannesburg for health and beauty displayed the Indian garments made from metal cans and scrap in the opening sequence of the fashion show and showcased the sustainable designs to the South Africans along with some of their own designs from renowned fashion designer Sonwabile Ndamase

Erik Smuts, MD, Nampak Bevcan, believes the sharp rise in the awareness of sustainability can be credited to a large extent, to corporate partnerships with independent green events. “The metal packaging division of Nampak has a long standing commitment to sustainable packaging – in fact, over 72% of all beverage cans produced in South Africa are collected for recycling, which is almost double the rate of any other beverage packaging type”, said Smuts. “Our involvement with the Green Expo and Canvironment Week for the second year running is confirmation of our ongoing commitment to the environment,” concludes Erik.

The Green Expo provides an opportunity to all businesses or organisations that are involved with, or who would like to publicise their efforts in sustainable business practices anging from reduction of carbon emissions, water and energy saving, recycling, green design, organic products and foods, to biodiversity and protection of species.

Metal Cans are made from permanent materials, are infinitely recyclable and have a very high scrap value which means they are far less likely than any other packaging type to land up as litter in landfills, rivers, oceans and vegetation.

Atit Bhatia, President, Canvironment Week, said, “As promised, we are back with the Canvironment Week 2012 with creative activities that involve the youth from different geographies to promote and communicate the benefits of the humble can, the activities in South Africa were executed very successfully and we look forward for sharing similar success stories from our other international partner from around the world ,”.

The organisers of Green Expo aim to use global platforms such as the Canvironment Week to further endorse their commitment to green living.

About Canvironment Week

A unique worldwide initiative, Canvironment week aims at not just educating but taking action as well. For the first time ever, Can makers and Brand owners across the world are coming together to create a ‘United Global Metal Can Sustainability Movement.’

Its goal is to make a significant and sustainable impact by creating an all round awareness about the exclusive benefits of usage of Cans, the vital one being its eco-friendly nature.

The whole event revolves around passion and perseverance to mobilize the cause, ‘Save our Planet’. By building a strong and united Global force, which will lay the foundation to create an Environment, which is Canvironment friendly.

A major effort to support the Global recycling system and the long-term sustainability of the metal cans are the key features of this initiative.

About Nampak Bevcan

Nampak Bevcan, Nampak’s beverage can making division, is the only beverage can manufacturer in sub-Saharan Africa and is the continent’s preferred provider of steel beverage cans and aluminium ends. It has access to the latest advances in technology through its association with Crown Holdings Inc. Nampak Bevcan is trusted to supply leading global brands throughout the Southern African beverage industry.

Nampak Limited produces packaging products in metal, glass, paper and plastic and tissue products primarily in Africa and Europe. The company has presence in over 21 countries, extensive value-added services, significant capacity to delivery, a world-class research and development facility and a proven innovation process.

About Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.

Hindustan Tin Works Ltd (HTWL), a leading Indian CAN manufacturer producing wide range of CANS and quality metal packaging solutions for food, beverage, paint, pharmaceutical and non food industries like dairy, processed food, edible oils, tea, coffee, paints, pesticides, juices, beer, carbonated soft drinks etc

HTWL is business partners with most of the leading global FMCG companies in India and abroad, HTWL today exports its products to 21 countries like USA, Australia, Europe, Africa, China etc.

Tin Cans or “Green Cans” as they are called are the most environment-friendly alternative to other forms of packing because of their recyclable quality. HTWL takes a leading role in ensuring proper environment responsibility by spreading awareness and engaging with the youth to promote sustainability of metal cans through its campaign Canvironment Week.

HTWL is the first company in India, which conceptualized & started the 2 piece cans manufacturing in 2005.

HTWL is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), HTW has won innovative award by IPA for Canvironment Week initiative.