“Can I give Ranbir Kapoor naked yoga lessons please?” wishes Celebrity yoga trainer Vivek Mishra

 Can I give Ranbir Kapoor naked yoga lessons please?” wishes Celebrity yoga trainer Vivek Mishra

Vivek Mishra will never cease to surprise us; he is possibly the only yoga trainer to preach naked yoga in India despite the apprehensions. Apparently Ranbir Kapoor tops his list of people he wants to teach naked yoga to.

Vivek Mishra, the celebrity yoga trainer is the one of the popular socialite in the LGBT community known for his wit & quirkiness in the industry & openly expresses his desire to give naked yoga lessons to his hot favorite Ranbir Kapoor.

Where in India we are not open about Naked Yoga, Vivek Mishra chose to differ & talks openly about ‘Why is Naked Yoga not bizarre & he longing to train Ranbir Kapoor in Naked Yoga.

A yoga trainer by profession, Vivek Mishra has a huge client base comprising of the who’s who of the party circuit. He mentions, “I found it hilarious to read in one of the leading publications that people find naked yoga weird and they claim that this is common in gay community, However, I beg to differ!”

He further adds, “Yoga is a very pious thing. Whether you have clothes on or not has nothing to do with the postures. Naked Yoga has its own benefits. When you do an Asana, your pore releases the energy & if you don’t have clothes on, then all the negativity energies you release is immediately absorbed.”

On a lighter note, Vivek Mishra cheekily mentions, “Can I give Ranbir Kapoor naked yoga lessons please… Ranbir has a face and the charm to die for & I have longed to teach him naked yoga & I believe he will be an excellent student.”

Vivek adds, “Ranbir Kapoor is the current hot property of the B-town & I have loved his acting, he has this different aura altogether, we have seen his bare body right in his first film Saawariyan & I believe he can do much better, Naked Yoga will be the right thing for his already oh-so-hot body.”

We are not surprised Vivek! We hope Ranbir is listening!!!