Buried Seeds – the documentary on Michelin Chef Vikas Khanna to debut at Cannes ’17

Buried Seeds – the documentary on Michelin Chef Vikas Khanna to debut at Cannes ’17

Buried Seeds Film Poster

Trailer launch on 18th May at Cannes Film Festival, India Pavilion at 4pm (French time, 7:30 pm IST).

Marking the historical 70th years of Cannes and Indian Independence, Buried Seeds – A film by Andrei Severny on India’s most celebrated chef in the world – Vikas Khanna to debut at Cannes’17. Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna will be personally present during the trailer launch, on the 18th of May at Cannes film festival, India Pavilion at 4pm (French time, 7:30 pm IST).

A timeless story of passion, resilience, failure and rise, told through the eyes of Michelin Star chef Vikas Khanna, the docu-DRAMA Buried Seeds follows the journey of an immigrant through overwhelming obstacles in achieving his dreams. Born with clubbed feet in a small town in India, Khanna is unable to walk like other children. He finds comfort and refuge in his grandmother’s kitchen where he becomes fascinated with food. At the majestic kitchens of the Golden Temple he finds his true passion and purpose. At 17 he starts a small shop and sells bread and food for kitty parties. In 2000 he moves to the United States on a journey from a homeless shelters to becoming one of the most influential chefs and ambassadors of culture of our times. The film is a celebration of a journey of an ordinary man.

“I had first met Andrei at a fundraiser that I was hosting in New York in 2006. I am a huge admirer of creative cinema and Andrei is truly one of the most creative directors of our time. His work, Gravitation: Variation in Time and Space based on the greatest ballet dancer of all time- Diana Vishneva has inspired me a lot. His sense of abstract and moving story telling with creative forms is condition has really moved me. When he approached me about a documentary on my life journey from Amritsar to America I knew it that he would be the best person to tell about my journey and transformation. With his pure craft, visual art and compelling storytelling he has created a masterpiece – “Buried Seeds”, inspired by the upcoming book with the same name”, said Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna.

Buried seeds is inspired by an upcoming book with the same name written by Karan Bellani. Many of the writings, the research from Amritsar to Manipal has inspired the scenes in the documentary. The film has a lot of narration, interviews, kaleidoscopic visuals of India and touches the core of human spirit – the perseverance, loss, pain and victory.

“It is a very personal journey that Andrei has captured. The film would travel around the world and at many film festivals to showcase the rich family heritage of India. We want more people to see the beauty, bonding and sacrifices made by an Indian family for a dream of a child”, further added Chef Vikas Khanna.

A regular face at the Cannes, this is celebrity Chef’s third visit at the Cannes. Previously he launched his book Utsav in 2015 amidst much fan fare and aplomb and in 2016 premiered his documentary “Kitchens of Gratitude”. Currently Chef Vikas Khanna is working on a 5-Volume Indian Cookery Encyclopedia and a major book on Blossoms of Spices and their evolution. He will soon be publishing his first book on Poems from the heart of his kitchen, named POEATRY. In the immediate term, Vikas’s book “My First Kitchen” by Penguin-Random House will be published in June and on television front his show “Mega Kitchens” will premiere on National Geographic in June.