Buniyaad is Back – The TV Serial by Ramesh Sippy, that created history is relaunched

Buniyaad is Back – The TV Serial by Ramesh Sippy, that created history is relaunched


The Serial has been Digitally restored with latest technology to bring it up the current standards.

Buniyaad the Mother of all TV Serials in India is back and to celebrate this occasion Ramesh
Sippy along with the key star cast of the show gathered for a special meeting at Bandra and
walked down memory lane.

For all the fans who, over the years have missed the purity of television medium that reflected
in the early programming, it’s a dream come true and a chance of a lifetime, a chance to
experience television programming inspired by passion and convictions. ‘Buniyaad’ would be
telecast daily on the channel Monday-Saturday at 8 pm.


“It is great to have Buniyaad back on television. The subject and the show have always been
very close to my heart. And I hope that the current generation enjoys it the same way as their
elders did “, said Ramesh Sippy.

A star studded and talented cast like Alok Nath, Kiran Juneja, Kruttika Desai, Anita Kanwar, Asha
Sharma, Girija Shankar,Asha Sachdev, Dalip Tahil, Rajesh Puri, Soni Razdan, Kamiya Malhotra
and others, also contributed quintessentially to Buniyaad’s instant success. Produced by Sippy
Films, Buniyaad ruled the television sets- people would not move out of their houses so that they
wouldn’t miss the show.

In the rat race that life has become today, rarely do you come across the chance to share
an innocent moment of indulgence with your family. This is the chance for the generations to
transcend time and share a common bond, so do not forget to tune your channels to SaharaOne
Television on Thursday, 26 January 2006 at 8:00 PM to experience the old world charm and the
television programming at its best.


Buniyaad is the story of Master Haveliram an honest man of principles, who has chosen the
noble profession of teaching as a way to contribute to the society. It is in his role as a teacher
that he comes across the beautiful Lajoji, an innocent child-woman. It is not long before the
teacher and pupil realize that they share more than just a casual friendship and understanding,
they fall in love and soon get married. Blessed with three sons and a daughter, life is a rose
colored picture. The almighty has showered his umpteen blessings on their family but as fate
would have it, when least expected, disaster strikes; the partition of the motherland into India and Pakistan is finalized.

Buniyaad is the story of the trials and tribulations that Master Haveliram and his family
experience during this tremulous phase. Having left most of their material possessions back in
the present Pakistan, armed with nothing but memories, how Master Haveliram, Lajoji, their sons
and daughter try to settle down in their new home in India-the refugee camp and manage to rise
in life, in spite of the limited resources available.

The struggle to start from scratch and create a home in a foreign land…the struggle of remaining
true to principles over the temptation to give in to easier but unethical ways of life…Buniyaad is
the story of struggle that most Indian families faced during the partition. The reason for the ring of truth in this story is the fact that G P Sippy having witnessed the Partition himself always wanted to make a serial like Buniyaad.

Recreating history on celluloid can be as tough as catching a whale in deep ocean and can
prove to be a Herculean task. But Buniyaad, the mother of all soap operas directed by Ramesh
Sippy and written by Manohar Joshi created history of its own, by becoming the nations first
blockbuster soap opera and a guide for the plethora that followed.

Get ready to watch this classic on Thursday, 25th July 2013 at 8.00 p.m. on Sahara One TV. The show will be going on air on on DD National at  at 8.30 p.m.

Actor/Actress Character Notes

Alok Nath – Master Haveliram Freedom fighter and patriot
Anita Kanwar –  Lajoji (Lajwanti) Haveliram’s wife
Sudhir Pandey – Lala Gaindamal Haveliram’s father
Asha Sharma –  Janko (Chai Ji) Haveliram’s mother
Kiran Juneja –  Veeravali / Pragyavati Haveliram’s sister
Vijayendra Ghatge – Lala Brijbhaan Veeravali’s love interest
Asha Sachdev – Shanno Gaindamal’s elder daughter-in-law
Girija Shankar – Raliya Ram Haveliram’s elder brother and Shanno’s husband
Rajesh Puri – Munshi Ji Gaindamal’s accountant
Dalip Tahil – Bhushan (Kulbhushan) Haveliram’s elder son
Soni Razdan – Lochan (Sulochana) Haveliram’s elder daughter-in-law
Mazhar Khan – Roshan (Roshanlal) Haveliram’s younger son
Kanwaljit Singh – Satbir Veeravali and Vrushbhaan’s illegitimate son
Abhinav Chaturvedi – Jay Vrishbhan’s legitimate son
Krutika Desai – Mangla Jay’s wife and Satbir’s love interest
Anjana Mumtaz –  Subhadra Vrushbhaan’s wife and Jay’s mother
Vinod Nagpal – Shyamlal Subhadra’s family friend
Kamiya Malhotra – Babli Jay’s secretary and love interest
Mangal Dhillon –  Labhaya Ram Raliya Ram’s son
Neesha Singh-  Kanni Labhaya’s niece
Neena Gupta –  Rajjo Roshan’s wife
Shernaz Patel – Kukki Kulbhushan’s elder daughter