Bukingham Palace To Mumbai

Date: Wed, Mar 7, 2012

Buckingham palace to Mumbai

London based Producer & composer Kuljit Bhamr

a launched legendry

singer Shahid Khan’s music video in Mumbai


the party organised in his honor  was attended by who’s who of the bollywood singers to show
there support & solidarity to Kuljit Bhamra & Shahid Khan.Shahid khan also performed live !


U.k based Legendry singer Shahid who is naturally tuned to singing in various languages, has performed for Queen Victoria and was applauded & appreciated,will now have performance in Mumbai also.




Kuljit Bhamra’s recording studio and label (Keda) has played host to many artists from India and  have worked jointly on productions with Mahendra Kapoor, Gurdas Maan, Zakhir Hussein, Pandit Jasraj, JagjitSingh, Nadeem Shravan, Sultan Khan, Anu Malik, Anup Jalota, PanditJasraj and many more that I can’t remember!


In 2009 Kuljit had created a project called From “Hollywood toBollywood” with the BBC Concert Orchestra and called KavitaKrishnamurti to come and perform live at The Royal Festival Hall to a packed audience.


Many people credit him with the creation of the Bhangra phenomenon, as he was one of the first producers to mix guitars, drums and western recording techniques with Punjabi rhythms and melodies. The song RailGaddi became an international hit in 1989 and after producing many Hindi songs set to Punjabi music, many of my ideas and melodies were copied by the Bombay film Industry. Three of his ‘produced artists’went on to make success in Bombay : Mangal Singh, Bali Brambhatt &Vibha Sharma.


8 years ago, he had organised ‘Asian Starsearch Competition’ in Londonand discovered a 16 year old singer (Shahid) who astounded me. he has mentored him since, and have produced his debut album (Heartfelt)which he would like to launch. It is now available on Amazon and oneof the songs is fast becoming a hit in UK. It has a fresh new ‘Bhangra Latina’ sound which mixes Salsa with Punjabi beats. The album wasrecorded partly in Mumbai at Ashok Honda’s studio and has a full live orchestral sound. You can see Shahid on Youtube at:


Last year, Shahid was selected by BBC Television to perform atBuckingham Palace for Prince Harry. This gave him enormous exposure here and abroad. Shahid has a natural talent and a humble, professional attitude. He can sing in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Latin & English..