Brahma, India’s premier metal band back with a bang !

Brahma, India’s premier metal band back with a bang !

The bad boys of heavy metal from Mumbai are back after a hiatus of 3 years. Born in the early nineties Brahma has been one of the most prolific metal bands India has seen. Shot quickly to stardom on the back of an almost immediate performance of Independence Rock thanks for promoter Farhad Wadia at the band’s inception.

Brahma has stood for real music about real issues delivered in the most real way known to India. Twice published with their first album “The World Beyond” on Virgo Music in 1998 & “Reborn” in 2003 gave them their place in the Indian metal universe.  The band are now in studio writing “Brahma 3” to be published on Universal Music, end of year.

After playing for 16 straight years with close to a thousand gigs under their belt , the members took some time off to pursue their individual musical interests. They reformed officially in October 2011 & headlined “ Independence Rock 26” at Chitrakoot Grounds in Mumbai. The boys are now busy getting back in the circuit and played an incredible unplugged set at Opus in Bangalore on the 20th April,2012 which will be followed by a set at the Blue Frog on the 29th April. Delhi & the rest of the Indian circuit will follow suit in the months to come.

Said Devraj Sanyal, frontman of Brahma “ We have been one of the country’s biggest names for a long time & our songs have effected people over the past 2 decades. Now we are back with a vengeance & want to conquer the world through our new music. We may be in our thirties and still have another decade or two of decadence left in us  to give our fans the music they love”

On asked whether they have grown softer with the years said Cyrus Gorimar, Drummer, Brahma “ We always wrote music that had melody as the most important part of the mix & that will never change. We have always been, are & will continue to be a uncompromising, heavy, hard hitting band and while the years may have made us better musicians in terms of sheer experience & playability but we will never be a softer band. That just isn’t in our DNA”

The new album “Brahma 3” is a first hand story telling experience, which has songs that range from the world post 26/11 and the lead track is tentatively  “ Kasab”. Other songs that are being written are titled “ A world post Holocaust”, “Unfriend”, “ Nowhere”. This album will see the band which has been around for 2 decades get published in a digital world having come from album 1 on Cassettes & album 2 on Casettes & CDS to a time where most of the throughput will be lead by digital.

Hugely active on the social networks, Brahma can be found on Facebook on their page “Brahma” and you can listen to the first 2 albums on Reverbnation.