BOOK LAUNCH –What’s Wrong With Mr Right?

BOOK LAUNCH –What’s Wrong With Mr Right?

Riteish Deshmukh is certainly Mr Right for Genelia and we all know it. But could it be possible at Mr Right has imperfections? We could not possibly answer that for you, however debut author and journalist Shakti Salgaokar attempts to do so with her debut novel, Imperfect Mr Right.

Imperfect Mr Right is about Rahul Rajgopalan, perfume salesman, who gets the opportunity of his lifetime: a chance to star in a reality show wherein he ‘plays’ the role of a multi-millionaire Rajsingh Jaiswal. For this Rajgopalan gets to be ‘pretty woman’: a fairy tale encounter with wealth and fortune, where he gets to savour the high life of a socialite, as well as walk the talk. Will it last?

Wooing Ragopalan-Rajsingh are scores of beautiful young girls who really are in search of Mr Right. One of them is Tanya Kher, an ambitious media planner, who’s in the show for lark and who is not only on a work sabbatical, but who desperately needs to introspect about where she is heading for in life. Steering this and much more is the calculating head of a television network who knows exactly what he is doing and doesn’t care whose toes he steps on, as long as he gets his numbers.

What’s right in all the wrong?

Well that’s something newly wedded Riteish Deshmukh may choose to answer while he launches the book. Or perhaps author, journalist, ex-radio presenter, gossip columnist Leela Shakti Salgaokar may do so. Whatever it is, the book release of Imperfect Mr Right is guaranteed to be interesting.

Attending the book release is Shakti’s proud grandfather, Jyotirbhaskar Mr Jatyantrao Salgaokar, founder of Sumangal Press and of the famous Kalnirnay calendars. Harsha Bhatkal, MD of Popular Prakashan, publishers of the book will also be present.

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