Massive roll out plan for the collaboration on 9XM – exclusive video premiere, Sonu Nigam & Avicii interviews and more…

In what could be called the meeting of two of the most influential musical minds in the world of contemporary music, Universal Music today announced the release of the collaborative single “Indian Levels” between Indian icon Sonu Nigam and International electronic dance music [EDM] sensation Avicii. The video for “Indian Levels” is set to premiere exclusively on India’s leading music channel 9XM on 23rd November`12.

Over the last two decades Sonu Nigam has sung over 10,000 film songs and has bagged a plethora of awards. At just 37, he is truly a superstar to the millions of Indian music lovers here as well as abroad.  He has over 600,000 followers on twitter and over phenomenal 6 million `likes’ on Facebook.

On the other hand, 23-year-old Swedish DJ/Producer Avicii has rocketed to #3 on the legendary DJ Magazine’s annual list of Top 100 DJs, moving from 39 to 6 to 3 since his first appearance on the list in 2010. The accelerated pace of his climb up the chart, which is voted on by fans, makes him the youngest DJ who has been on the list for the shortest amount of time, and comes in a year with a nonstop performance schedule and unprecedented success with  hit after hit, such as ’Levels,’ ’Silhouettes’ and ’Superlove.’

The coming together of these two powerhouses of contemporary music to collaborate on the single “Indian Levels” is simply a treat for music fans around the globe! The collaboration features Sonu’s incredible vocal talents laced over Avicii’s revolutionary house beats on his global hit “Levels” and is unlike anything their fans have experienced before.

Speaking on the single and his collaboration with Avicii, Sonu Nigam said, “My experience during the working of the Avicii collaboration has been something very unique. From understanding Avicii’s body of work considering the fact that I had heard his music before, to exploring the deeper facets of it before composing and writing on ‘Levels’, I enjoyed every bit of it. This is a product of Universal Music India’s and Universal Music International’s collective support and faith in this collaboration. I’m super excited that the song is going to be out, and with me the entire social networking is going crazy and looking forward to it”.

Says the Swedish sensation AVICII on the collaboration “It’s been a great experience collaborating with Sonu Nigam who’s such a massive and respected name in India. I’ve done a few collaborations on “Levels” and they all sound really good…but I love the India version with Sonu! It’s definitely the top one for me….because that one went completely away from what everyone else did and is truly interesting in the EDM market…there’s nothing that sounds like it! I just can’t wait to see all the reception that it gets when it actually comes out”

Devraj Sanyal, MD Universal Music India and SAARC said, “Sonu Nigam is not only one of Bollywood’s top singers but more importantly to me, he is the finest `non film’ voice there is. When we hatched a new `non film’ plot with him, we knew we had to take this to a whole new level & Avicii’s collaboration is a huge `first’ for any Indian artist. “Levels” being the most popular EDM track of 2012 globally, makes it that much more special for both of their fans. Sonu’s album which follows this single will feature some stellar global names and will make its mark as India’s first true global collaboration album”.

Speaking of the collaboration Amar Tidke, Sr. VP & Content Head, 9X Media Group said “9xm launches its brand new property ‘Buzzworthy’ which will be the platform for `music’ that comes in any language or form outside of Bollywood and that has the potential to be the next big Internet hit! We are lucky to have been able to time it with the release of Sonu’s first international single. The experience of working with Sonu on this was simply superb. We look forward to making Indian Levels… ‘Buzzworthy’!”.

The single “Indian Levels”   is available on both physical and digital formats Exclusively on Universal Music.