Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh becomes the new face Manyavar !

Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh becomes the new face Manyavar !

Ranveer Singh - Manyavar

As the nation inches closer to the biggest festive season of the year, India’s most loved Indian wear brand – Manyavar announces Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador.  As a part of the association, Ranveer Singh will be seen endorsing the brand’s latest festive collection through a slew of commercials spread across television, digital, and social-media. Launching the Diwali campaign, Ranveer Singh looks dapper donning Manyavar’s opulent Indian wear as he speaks about his #DiwaliWaliFeeling.

Ranveer Singh has enthralled the audience with his infectious charm, impeccable acting skills and unmatched sense of fashion and style. Known for uniquely blending bold with elegant; Ranveer’s attitude of challenging the status-quo matches the ethos of the brand. Ranveer’s soaring popularity across all age-groups and his incredible body of work stands synonymous with the brand’s continuous strides in innovation, high-quality and futuristic Indian-wear designs.

Commenting on the association, Bollywood actor, Ranveer Singh said“Manyavar to me comes with a sense of belonging. I am extremely happy and excited to associate with Manyavar, as it is resonates with my beliefs and my roots. I am truly a proud Indian, and I endeavor to bring that into every aspect of my life. Dressing up in Indian wear is both a matter of pride and joy for me. And I want every young Indian man to feel that pride and joy when he wears Indian. I look forward to joining Manyavar in spreading this feeling of belonging.”

Commenting on the association, Ravi Modi, MD of Vedant Fashions Pvt. Ltd. said“At Manyavar, we are always in pursuit of excellence, and aim to set higher standards. So, it’s only fitting that we welcome to Manyavar the one man who has been setting new standards of excellence with every step he takes. We are delighted to have Ranveer Singh join the Manyavar family. He is an achiever, and every young Indian aspires to be like him. He is confident, proud, passionate and embodies the spirit of the modern Indian man. We are certain that, with his charm and ability to win over people, he will inspire his fans to celebrate the Indian in them more often. Manyavar looks forward to a beautiful, inspiring and exciting journey with Ranveer Singh.”