Bollywood Actor Gracy Singh dedicates a divine performance in honour of women.

Bollywood Actor Gracy Singh dedicates a divine performance in honour of women.

New Delhi The audience could feel a chill in the air as winters begin to take off in the capital city. But more than that, the audience gathered at Thyagraj Stadium could feel the emotions that actress Gracy Singh of Lagaan fame was portraying through her beautiful dance performance. The performance was organised by Brahma Kumaris in honour of Woman Power and the social transformation that it can achieve.

Danseuse Gracy Singh performed on the concept of Shiv Shakti and mesmerised everyone with her varied expressions and unique dance movements.

The theme was based upon a single phenomenon – Transformation. Old paradigms go extinct giving way to the new ones. From the times immemorial woman was regarded as the Shakti that complimented Shiva. It was only through the last few millennia that mankind took to tarnish the very power of Shakti, resulting in the times we are living in now where Mother Earth is the most suffered being. But to our great fortune, the tide has begun to turn. Transformation by its very nature is tilting the balance back to women. Shakti has woken up to bring sanity back on earth. The glory it contained has begun to shine upon us to take us from dark to light…to our true nature…to our Core.

Several eminent personalities and women icons were seen at the event. Mr. Krishna Prasad Dhakal, Nepal’s Ambassador in India was the Special Guest.

Gracy Singh concluded, “I feel truly blessed to be given this opportunity to perform on a theme like ‘Shiv-Shakti’. More than that, I feel that this is a very relevant topic in today’s times where women aren’t given the honour and respect that they truly deserve. I hope I’ve been able to communicate this through my performance.”