Bodhitree Multimedia’s Indian Adaptations of International Shows Strike a Chord with Viewers

Bodhitree Multimedia’s Indian Adaptations of International Shows Strike a Chord with Viewers

Bodhitree Multimedia has distinguished itself as a forerunner in the Indian entertainment sector by successfully converting foreign formats for the local market. They have gained a lot of recognition and popularity thanks to their inventive fusion of international entertainment themes with regional sensitivities.

The Indian adaptation of the Spanish drama series “Elite,” titled “Class,” is one of their most popular adaptations. With its realistic and relevant depiction of high school kids’ life and the difficulties they encounter, Bodhitree’s adaption of “Class” became a huge hit with Indian viewers. The show’s captivating plot and characters received a lot of positive feedback, making it a huge success and solidifying Bodhitree’s place as a pioneer in the Indian OTT content space.

Mautik Tolia, director of Bodhitree Multimedia shares, “We take enormous satisfaction in our ability to adapt international formats to suit the Indian audience. Our team puts in a lot of effort to make sure the original format’s spirit is kept while also giving it the appropriate local flavour to appeal to the Indian audience. We are overjoyed by the response to “Class,” which was a fantastic illustration of this strategy.”

Some of their other shows include ‘Marzi’ which is based on the crime thriller novel ‘Liar’. The Indian adaptation of the popular novel stars Rajeev Khandelwal and Aahana Kumra in the lead and was released on OTT.  Another one of Bodhitree Multimedia’s popular shows was Tedi Medi Family which aired in 2015 and was based off of the popular English show ‘The Middle’.

The success of Bodhitree Multimedia in incorporating foreign formats is evidence of their ingenuity and creative thinking. They keep producing high-caliber entertainment that appeals to audiences all throughout India because they have their finger on the audience’s pulse. Their achievements and contributions to the Indian entertainment business are genuinely exceptional, and their success story serves as motivation for aspiring directors  and producers.