Bobby Jasoos will explore Hyderabadi flavor.

Bobby Jasoos will explore Hyderabadi flavor.

Now days films are exploring cities like never before. Film makers are creating characters out of a city, where the society, people’s behavior, style of talking and inter personal relationships form a huge backdrop or character. 

Bobby Jasoos takes this to greater lengths. In Bobby Jasoos Hyderabad is not shot as a city where the film is set, Hyderabad is a character in itself.

Vidya Balan starrer Bobby Jasoos is set in Hyderabad and the entire film is shot there.

Bobby Jasoos is a film about Bobby, who wants to become the no.1 detective of her moohala. The film explores her journey exploring different aspects of Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad plays an important role in the story just the way Kolkata was a major part of the film Kahaani. 

Vidya had shot for her film Kahaani in Kolkata during the festival of Durga Puja, in the same way she shot during Ramzaan in Hyderabad for Bobby Jasoos.  

The flavor of the city of  has been brought out in the film and one can get a feel and vibe of the city by watching the film.

For an actor it becomes enhances their performance as the character becomes more steeped in reality.

Vidya is infact also taking a keen interest in the marketing of the film and she wishes to market the film around the city of Hyderabad, establishing the part it plays in this film.

Directed by Samar Shaikh, the film is slated to release on July 4th, 2014.