Blood Money – Kunal is the new Hashmi…

Blood Money – Kunal is the new Hashmi…

Even Emraan Hashmi was only known for his kisses and nothing beyond that.  However Kunal Khemu has gone much much ahead.


Certain portions of the scene have got leaked on the internet by mistake and they show Kunal and unidentified girl doing a lot of steamy scenes. And from last two days they have been creating and taking a lot of attention on internet.


In fact, Bhatts movies are known to be bold and attracting male audience, however this is really very explicit scenes.

Kunal Khemu new entrant in the Bhatt camp, after Emraan Hashmi  will now be called the new serial kisser of the industry.


Blood Money is all about how a young and simple man strives hard to marry his love. After parents refusal they somehow run away and get married. Then they settle abroad to have a peaceful life. As they move Capetown, Kunal pursues job and joins a Business of Diamond export. This is how then Kunal is been taken into the underworld. He stays unaware about the same. Soon all his dreams turns into nightmare. Blood Money is a story about a Simple young man who is taken into the world of cruelty where money, power and lust plays vital role.


Blood Money stars Kunal Khemu and Amrita Puri in lead roles and releases on 30th March.