Blessings from Elders and Greetings To My Younger Ones on Holi -Kailash Kher

Blessings from Elders and Greetings

To My Younger Ones on Holi

Kailash Kher


The month of March is always associated with the colorful festival of Holi. It is celebrated with a great enthusiasm across India. Even the Indians, who stay abroad, celebrate Holi in the traditional style. People celebrate Holi by playing with abeer-gulal, greeting one another and having delicious sweets. This colorful festival is always accompanied with dance and music. Common people celebrate Holi is the similar fashion. On asking ace singer Kailash Kher, how he celebrates Holi?

He says, “As far as I can, I try to celebrate the festival of colors with my family. I try my best to celebrate it in a traditional way, just as the way we used to celebrate when I was I little kid. The reason behind me celebrating in a traditional way is that my son Kabir is growing up, and I want him to know each and every minute detail of our festivals. I want him to know our culture. When he grows up, I don’t want him to Google for any information on our culture, traditions and festivals. We burn the Holi and on the next day we play with colors, there is music and dance also.

I like to play Holi with my family and friends. I follow the tradition of blessings from elders and greetings to my younger ones.”