Black Home Film Review – A Must See ! A Must Watch !! Spine Chilling & Horrific Expose !!!

Black Home Film Review 

A Must See ! A Must Watch !! Spine Chilling & Horrific Expose !!!

Film :Black Home

Producer : Shri Vijay Kamble

Written & Directed : Ashish Deo

Cast : Ashutosh Rana, Chitrashi Rawat, Simran Sehmi, Raju Kher, Murli Sharma, Achint Kaur, Sharad Ponkshe, Mohan Joshi, Amit Behl

DOP – Shailesh Awasthi

Rating : 

In recent times after having watched Mardaani from Yash Raj films, where Rani Mukherjee essayed the role of an upright  Police Officer who goes about exposing & busting the flesh trade and child trafficking racket in one of the most clinical way possible. It had big names , big banner and bigger exposure to back it, in a way has sort of opened doors for brave filmmakers to come out and explore even bigger and darker side of the society & show its ugly face. In the most similar fashion after having watched Black Home all credit goes to the Producer Shri Vijay Kamble who showed the courage to undertake such a delicate subject and delegate it to The Director Ashish Deo who has not only developed the story and screenplay inspired from true incidents but also seen to it that the dialogues match the given scenario,  and to be shown in the most harshest way possible without compromising on the facts and figures acquired  from the actual happenings , news coverages, Press stories and related sources.

Here the case story is of Rajawadi remand home a name given where under the Juvenile act underage girls below 18 years who are abandoned by their famiies , or the ones who are runaways from their homes and the ones who have criminal background or are undertrial are directed by the system to be lodged, are meant to be sheltered & protected. As the story unfolds DK (Ashutosh Rana ), the Editorial Chief of a News Channel has just started working after recuperating from a heart ailment. but even as he is resuming his reputation makes certain staff members quite jittery. Rajawadi Remand Home where lots of exploitation and unlawful activities are happening becomes his fodder for the Breaking news which ruffles quite a few feathers both in the crime mafia and politics. Now incidentally the channel he is working for belongs to a political heavy weight and knowing very well what he is headed for he very mastermindedly puts his trust in an upstart Anjali ( Simran Sehmi ) to crack the story full on with live footages and foolproof evidences against the perpetrators of crime and his syndicate of pimps, goons, security guards, local mafias et all. Chitrashi Rawat who plays the main protagonist victim of the Remand Home gives one of the most sterling performance for her age. The rawness and the energy is there to see in every frame she is part of. A powerhouse performer who not only lends credibility to the character but makes it most relatable for the larger audience and for the purpose this film is made for. Simran as Anjali has put in an equally spirited performance to complement the tone of the film. She has shown her vulnerability where her personal life is at stake vis a vis her career as an investigative jounalist, with an ease of a veteran.

Ashish Deo has sketched the characters so beautifully that you fail to find any missed holes, in exposing the dark and ugly side of the society and the cruel and harsh reality of sexual abuse, mass rapes, in the so called secluded premises of remand home. Right from Ashutosh Rana, Murli Sharma, Amit Behl, Sharad Ponkshe, Achint Kaur, Mohan Joshi, Vishwajeet Pradhan have put in their best performance per say. Special mention to the Cinematographer Shailesh Awasthi for creating that aura of Dark Black Home without which neither the film nor the title would have stood the credibility which the director had so painstackingly conceived and created. He lends life to the visuals. Contribution of the Art Director Deepak Chakrabarty has added to the whole impact with crisp editing by Anand Diwan. Action by Allan Amin, is by far the best I have seen in reality cinema. I have not mentioned them because they are meant to be seen and then talked about. Akshay Hariharan’s music and background score create the mood to add to the tone of the film. All in All  A very commendable effort.

For us who live in protected environments and most who live in glass houses fail to notice and generally ignore the inhuman and most dreadful life these children’s lead in the precinct of Remand Homes and such places is nothing short of an eye opener !!!