Black and White in Kill Dil

Black and White in Kill Dil

Kill Dil is a story about two friends played by Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar. In the film, both Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar have been shown favouring a particular colour.

From the promos and songs of the film that we have seen uptil now, we can see that Ranveer is largely wearing white, while Ali Zafar is wearing black.

In many scenes, Ranveer and Ali have worn the exact same attire but in the colour they favour. In the title track, Ranveer has worn a white lungi and vest while Ali has worn a black lungi and vest.

So we thought that the colours were reflective of their characters or would have something to do with their attitudes and characteristics.

But when we inquired around, we realized it was more fun than intellectual. Apparently, both of them were fooling around with their stylists when they were deciding on the outfits and clothes.

In fact, Ranveer and Ali decided between themselves which colour they would wear. Ranveer chose white, while Ali chose black for their respective characters.

From the promos, Ranveer’s character looks mischevious and bubbly whereas Ali’s character looks darker and more sobre and serious.

Yash Raj Films’ Kill Dil is an action packed masala entertainer filled with romance and thrill, directed by Shaad Ali.