Bipasha Basu shares the secret behind her all-new look !

Bipasha Basu shares the secret behind her all-new look !


Bipasha Basu who has been the postergirl for fitness, practices what she preaches and after working on 2 successful fitness DVD’s will soon start work on another exciting fitness initiative.

In the meanwhile, the actress has spruced up her personal routine and the results have everyone raving ! Bipasha Basu has been making stunning public appearances with everyone asking her the reason behind her all new look.

The actress credits her new physique to a combination of weight training and high intensity cardio but reveals she still hasn’t reached her ideal fitness goals.

Says Bipasha, “Wherever I am going, everyone is loving my new look — be it an event, a salon or a gym.My current routine is focused on heavy weight training and cardio with high resistance. I don’t have one particular routine ever.I am trying to diet, which is tough for me. However, it’s on hold till Diwali (October 30). Post Diwali, it will begin again.Nothing happens overnight.To achieve anything, discipline and patience is required. All good things take some time,”