Bigg Boss turns into a Genie and fulfils Rubina and Aly’s wishes

Bigg Boss turns into a Genie and fulfils Rubina and Aly’s wishes

Bigg Boss has entered its finale week, and with the last three days to go for the big day, Bigg Boss has been making sure to fulfil the wishes of the remaining four contestants in his unique way!

In the wishing well task, Rubina asked for a chance to represent her culture with a performance for the viewers along with the housemates. And we see Rubina and Rakhi looking extremely gorgeous in the elaborate pahadi dresses. Where Rakhi takes this opportunity to do some masti with Rahul and follows him with a fake baby while declaring it as theirs, he also plays along and the two enter into a hilarious banter!

The next wish that is fulfilled is Aly’s of seeing his niece in the arms of his mother on a video call. He is seen getting extremely overwhelmed with the sight of his dear ones. While having a hearty chat with his mother, he shares with her the highs and lows he had seen in the game till now. And in the end, Aly gets very emotional and shows gratitude towards his mother for teaching him life skills that have really helped him throughout.

Whose wish will be fulfilled next by Bigg Boss?

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