Bigg Boss Tedha: Synopsis of Day 17

Bigg Boss Tedha: Synopsis of Day 17

Bigg Boss Day 17 (4)

The contestants fight tooth and nail on Day 2 of BB Toys task

Bigg Boss Day 17. (9)

The clock is ticking, and the contestants are pulling out their biggest cards to survive through the weeks leading up to the finale. The housemates wake up to the energetic song ‘Mein Khiladi, Tu Anadi’, reflecting the team’s spirits during the BB toys task.

Bigg Boss Day 17. ( 8)

Determined about not letting anybody win the ticket to finale, for the first time in the history of this season, the housemates are seen playing the game with pre-accepted defeat, which doesn’t go down well with Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss Day 17. (5)

Mahira accuses Abu of not moderating the task appropriately owing to his less involvement. Paras and Shefali have a verbal spat, while Sidharth and Paras are now at loggerheads with each other. Disappointed by their performance, Bigg Boss cancels the first order and puts the task on hold with a strong warning. On the other hand, Sidharth Shukla is disappointed by his team’s performance and is seen strategising and explaining to them the spirit of the game and as an able leader gets them to believe in themselves.

Bigg Boss Day 17. (6)

Having given up on the task, the contestants try to lighten the moment by scripting their actions when it’s time for the next run. The writer’s brain suggests that the girls should get inside the container and the ones outside should shut the door. Just to add some drama to the task,  the girls can scream from inside to let them out.

Bigg Boss Day 17. (7)

The scripted actions are not welcomed by Bigg Boss and the team gets reprimanded for their actions. Seated in the living area, Bigg Boss expresses his disappointment in them for not performing and showing lack of respect and integrity throughout the task.

Bigg Boss Day 17. (3)

Team Shukla’s and Chhabra’s, completely engrossed in the task mode,  further start discussing household duties putting Devoleena in a tough spot. Trying her best to fairly divide the responsibilities, the queen gets stuck between Paras and Sidharth’s conflict. An overwhelmed Devoleena gets agitated and later breaks down, only to find a true friend and a shoulder to cry on in Rashami.

Bigg Boss Day 17. (1)

Will the contestants succeed in their intentions or will Bigg Boss bring another twist to their already twisted minds ?

 Bigg Boss Day 17.(2)

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