Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 83

Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 83

Housemates take on Rakhi Sawant over her position as the Captain in Bigg Boss

The role of a Captain in Bigg Boss, as coveted as it is, is never an easy task. The position comes with a whole lot of responsibilities and the Captain needs to be able to lead the housemates. This week, the spotlight is on Captain Rakhi Sawant! Housemates are not happy with her reign and are almost at a point of revolt!

Aly Goni is the first one to take up arms against Rakhi. He says that Rakhi broke his heart when she wished ill for Jasmin and him. He admits his affection for Jasmin and says that he will never forgive Rakhi for her comments about Jasmin and his relationship. Aly and Rakhi lock horns, and the two are not ready to back down! The housemates try to calm them, but it’s not an easy job!

Eijaz is next who questions Rakhi’s capabilities as a Captain. He tells her that he has been a Captain in the house and tries to make her understand her responsibilities. However, Rakhi is in no mood to listen! Slowly, each and every housemate is up in arms against Rakhi! Starting from Arshi, who clearly disobeys Rakhi’s orders, to Eijaz, who again enters a fighting match with her, to even Rahul, who thinks Rakhi is the worst Captain ever; no one is in the mood to listen to Rakhi!
The weight of Captaincy hangs heavy on Rakhi’s shoulders as she breaks down and confesses to Bigg Boss that she is struggling with her position

Will Rakhi be able to maintain her position as  Captain and ensure order in the house?
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