Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 46 – Kavita and Aly clash over house rules

Kavita and Aly clash over house rules – Bigg Boss Synopsis Day 46
Bigg Boss Day 46_7
With the race to the win the task heating up in the Bigg Boss House, the housemates are ensuring that they don’t let anything pass them by and are completely focused on the prize. So when Bigg Boss sees that certain housemates are breaking rules, he immediately wars captain Kavita Kaushik that she needs to take some action on it! Clearly, Bigg Boss does not take the breaking of rules in the house lightly.
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Bigg Boss mentions that if things are locked up and are only to be used by the captain, it is considered stealing when other housemates use it. With this in mind, Bigg Boss decides that the contestants breaking the rules will be taken to task. Kavita is instructed to give the personal belongings of the erring housemates to Bigg Boss. She has to drop them in a giant box that Bigg Boss has arranged.
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Nikki tells Kavita that Aly gave a bar of chocolate to Pavitra from the Captain’s items. Kavita takes note of it and immediately drops Aly’s grooming items in the box provided by Bigg Boss. Aly gets irritated because he says that Kavita should have asked him before dropping his personal belongings in the box. He takes his razor and trimmer back and Kavita is extremely upset that Aly is breaking the rules again! Aly dares her to take back the items and the two have a mighty clash! It gets so escalated and Kavita complains to Bigg Boss that she does not feel safe seeing Aly’s aggressive behaviour. A teary-eyed Kavita is seen asking Bigg Boss to get her out of the Bigg Boss house.
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Will Bigg Boss take action against Aly for breaking the rules? How will Kavita and Aly resolve their differences?
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