Bigg Boss – Synopsis _Day 81

Bigg Boss – Synopsis _Day 81 – The housemates relish ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ on Christmas 

Bigg Boss Day 81 (6)

It’s festive mood everywhere and the housemates are craving for the company of their loved ones. It is rightly said that the way to a person’s heart is through his/her stomach. Bigg Boss uses it as a way to make the housemates feel close to their family. ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ is something that the housemates have been longing for and it was finally the time for Bigg Boss to surprise them with home cooked food. Mumbai’s world famous ‘Dabbawalas’ enter the house bearing some lip smacking delicacies prepared by the family members of the winning team of the Chinese stall task.

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Welcoming them with big smiles and teary eyes, Paras calls the dabbawalas their Santa Claus. Brimming with emotions, the contestants open the boxes and share it with each other truly living the Christmas spirit. Leaving aside their fights and differences, the house witnesses pure love and togetherness after a long time. The contestants pamper their taste buds with a variety of food ranging from Punjab’s famous ‘makki ki roti’ from Shehnaz’s tiffin to ‘besan ke laddoo’ and ‘dhokla’ from Paras’s dabba. Shefali Jariwala serves some yummy ‘rasmalai’ and ‘dahi wada’ from her tiffin for the housemates to savour. Touched by the wonderful surprise Aarti, Paras and Shefali Jariwala get emotional while missing their families.

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The happy moments are short lived until Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task for the contenders Shehnaz and Vishal. They have  to enter a ‘Brain’ setup placed in the garden area wherein they will get ‘thoughts’ on an indicator and have to convert them  into reality. The thoughts will be such that the housemates will have to destroy their personal belongings mentioned in the ‘thought’. Both Shehnaz and Vishal will get the same ‘thought’ and  the housemates have to choose for whom they wish to sacrifice their belongings. Shehnaz and Vishal will get only a certain amount of time to convince the housemates. Rashami is asked to destroy her family photo and with a heavy heart she keeps her friendship first and destroys it for Vishal. Asim too, without giving a second thought, gives up his favourite gym belt for Shehnaz as a payback for making him the captain previous week. 
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Who is the next one to take over the captain’s  throne? 

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