Bigg Boss – Synopsis _Day 74 !

Bigg Boss – Synopsis _Day 74 !

Bigg Boss Day 74 (2)

Sidharth decides to end his friendship with Shehnaz

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task in which there are four cars parked in the garden area. The assigned drivers are Shehnaz, Mahira, Vikas Gupta, and Shefali Bagga. The contenders for captaincy, Arhaan, Asim, Madhurima, Vishal, Aarti and she fail karaoke have to convince the drivers to give them a ride. The two contenders who fail to convince the drivers will be out of the race.

The drivers put forth their demands and ask the contenders to please them in order to get a ride. Shehnaz, who loves attention, asks Asim to praise her and compliment her in front of everyone. On the other hand, Mahira orders Vishal to take back the ‘Zero’ tag he gave her in the previous week. Rashami does her best to convince Vikas to support Arhaan instead of Madhurima; Vikas agrees but in return offers her another special deal. He asks Rashami to promise her support towards Madhurima for the next two weeks irrespective of their differences. Rashami treads smartly and sugarcoats her words, trying to manipulate Vikas and assures him that she will try her best to keep up with his demands but doesn’t directly make a promise. The task takes an interesting turn when the mastermind, Vikas Gupta, grabs the opportunity and turns the game ditching Arhaan on his journey to become captain.

Bigg Boss Day 74 (1)

Apart from Rashami and Arhaan, Shehnaz also creates a lot of drama as the task proceeds. Her actions impact her friendship with Sidharth, who is not willing to talk to her. Sidharth explains how deeply he is hurt and tells her he won’t tolerate her absurd behavior anymore. Dejected, Shehnaz gives it her all in order to make amends. She loses her mind as she is unable to convince him to let go of their differences and talk to her. 

Will this be the end of Sidnaaz? Who will be the captain of the house and enjoy the privileges? 

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