Bigg Boss Season 8 gets two new wildcard contestants: Renee Dhyani and Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan!

Bigg Boss Season 8 gets two new wildcard contestants: Renee Dhyani and Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan! 

Drama and emotions have been on a high in the Bigg Boss house this season. To bring in some spice and a whole lot of new perspectives to the ongoings, Bigg Boss is all set to open doors for two new wildcard contestants – Renee Dhyani and Dimpy Mahajan, who now prefers to call herself only Dimpy, post her separation from her husband, Rahul Mahajan.

Winner of a reality show, Dimpy rose to fame when she married Rahul Mahajan in 2010 when they went on to become the first couple in India to marry on national television. However, all was not well in paradise as the couple found themselves filing for divorce after 4 years of togetherness. Known to be one with an attractive personality and good looks Dimpy’s entry into the Bigg Boss house will surely raise excitement levels as she brings a fresh perspective about life from the outside world which the contestants have not gotten a glimpse of in over 40 days! Although she will be a known name for the most, the big question that continues to loom is if her entry in the Bigg Boss house will create a rift amongst the relationships which have been formed thus far.

Speaking about her impending entry into the Bigg Boss house, Dimpy  said, “Bigg Boss is one of the biggest shows on television. I am nervous about how will the show work out for me. While I am familiar with a few of the housemates, they have an advantage over me since they have already been living in the house for over a month now. I am going inside with a positive frame of mind and hopes of making some changes. Let’s see how it goes!”

Renee Dhyani was a popular contestant on Season 8 of MTV’s cult show, Roadies where she gained prominence as one of the more loud contestants who had a strong opinion about everything. Extremely short-tempered, Renee was often quoted as saying that she liked herself that way. However, upon coming to Bigg Boss, Renee has a completely different agenda – to change this image about herself! Renee hopes to showcase her true self which according to her is much different from what people have perceived her to be for all these years. However, it remains to be seen if her aggressive image will make her renewed efforts seem like a complete waste or if the contestants will give her a wholehearted chance to showcase her good side.

Said Renee on her entry, “I am extremely excited to be a part of Bigg Boss Season 8. I have been observing the contestants and their journey and hope to come across as a breath of fresh air for the viewers. I know about the image that viewers have of me and I am looking forward to showcasing my true personality and change all the preconceived notions. I am looking forward to making a lot of great memories and hope that the viewers will support me for this venture that I have undertaken!”

While Dimpy and Renee seem truly excited to bring in a new change inside the Bigg Boss house, it remains to be seen how the contestants will welcome them both!

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