Bigg Boss journey comes to an end for Abu Malik

Bigg Boss journey comes to an end for Abu Malik

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It is said that age is just a number and Bigg Boss contestant Abu Malik swears by it.  With the heart of a child, Abu Malik had a decent run in the Bigg Boss House, and he charmed everyone with his quirky remarks and music. Fondly known as ‘Fifi’, the loveable Abuji was respected and loved by all the housemates.

After entering the house, he took some time to open up and adjust to the surroundings but that did not keep him from playing a good game. He was made the quintessential sachalak or the decision-maker of the house and he carried out his responsibility with much ease. Often criticised for his less contribution towards the tasks, Abu took all the remarks with a pinch of salt and performed every task wearing a big smile. A connoisseur of tea, Abuji loved instructing the contestants on making different variants of chai and other kitchen duties. In his last week inside the house, Abuji surprised everyone with his patience and determination to perform the task as he was pitted against some of the strongest contestants. He held on to Asim’s hand to save the duo from the nominations braving all the torture and difficulties that came their way.

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Commenting on his journey, Abu said, ” The show has been one of the most exciting and unpredictable experiences of my life. From meeting different people to dealing with conflicting egos and temperaments, the house has definitely taught me a lot about life and myself. I have discovered a different side to myself and I am leaving the house with a lot of positivity. I wish everyone the best of luck for their journey and will be rooting for them from the other side. “