Bigg Boss Day 108 Synopsis – Finale Week

Bigg Boss Day 108 Synopsis – Finale Week

Rakhi vs Aly and Rahul as she bets a big to enter the finale week

It’s not just the contestants that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, but Bigg Boss too leaves no stones unturned to keep up the excitement of India’s biggest reality show. And the upcoming episode definitely leaves the contestants speechless and the viewers wondering, will the contestants be ready to sacrifice a huge portion of the winning amount for an entry into the finale week?

The housemates are challenged to sacrifice 14 lakhs worth of prize money for one contestant to enter the season’s finale. While other contestants are in doubt about accepting the offer, Rakhi Sawant seems to be rather upbeat about it and is ready to let go of the huge amount. Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya try their best to reason with her, however, she is in no mood to listen. She feels that she is a deserving candidate to go into the finale week and that sacrificing 14 lakhs is worth it!

In the end, Rakhi is seen crying, holding the cheque worth 14 lakhs, and complaining about her being deserving of the golden chance to get to the finale!

Will the housemates sacrifice 14 lakhs of the prize money?

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