Bigg Boss 8 | Synopsis | December 2 – Day 72: Steal If You Can

Bigg Boss 8 | Synopsis | December 2 – Day 72:  Steal If You Can

Thief is not the one who steals, but the one that is caught. The luxury budget task of the week named ‘Museum’ will aptly take this thought ahead. Bigg Boss divides the housemates into two groups, Guards and Thieves. Praneet Ali and Karishma are the thieves while Diandra, Gautam, Puneet, Sonali, Upen and Dimpy are the guards of the museum. Captain Pritam is the supervisor of the task. Only after stealing all the items from the Museum can the thieves steal the ultimate Diamond put up in the middle of the area in order to win the task.

As the guards gear up for the task in their respective uniforms, thieves strategize as to how to steal the antiques put up in the living area of the house. Puneet, Dimpy, Gautam and Diandra are in full form to take up their responsibilities. Sonali and Upen who are in charge of monitoring the Museum through a TV set up in the garden area seem to be in a playful mood to enjoy the task and let others do the same too. Guards are also given the liberty to put any thief into the jail under suspicion. As per their strategy the Guards in order to protect their antiques try to hide and safeguard the items while the thieves plan not to let that happen.

Karishma tries to take one of the antiques and run inside the Store Room where the robbed items are supposed to be put. But as per the rules even before the store room door shuts, Puneet stops Karishma from doing that. Puneet takes away the robbed item and asks Karishma to back off.

Later on, Ali and Praneet are seen taking turns inside the jail as they try to steal to complete the task. Every effort of theirs goes in vain as the guards are extremely alert. Ali tries really hard to distract the guards by his hilarious antiques. The thieves then decide to stay low profile during the day and wait for the night to execute their master plans. However by the evening the thieves manage to pull some strings and heave a sigh of relief as they steal some items. But how the guards make their comeback is something to wait and watch out for!

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