Bigg Boss 14_Synopsis- Day 58

Bigg Boss 14_Synopsis- Day 58

Still from Bigg Boss 14 (3)

Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan clash fiercely in Bigg Boss 14

Challengers and contestants decide to play a divide and rule game in the Bigg Boss House!

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Three days in and the challengers have already consolidated their place in the house. They have gauged the contestants and have started making alliances to strengthen their game. On one hand, Arshi and Vikas have carried their past baggage in the show and the friction between them is increasing with each passing day. The day starts with Arshi ordering Vikas to help to mash potatoes. Viikas gives her back by back asking her not to pester him for work. Arshi takes it personally and tells the housemates that Vikas is on a secret task and she is well aware of all his moves. Eijaz starts doubting Vikas on his intentions of waking the contestants every night. Vikas gets agitated and warns Arshi to mind her own business and not to comment on him. The argument heats up and while VIkas points finger at Arshi she slaps his hand. This doesn’t go well with Vikas as Eijaz steps in and tries to resolve their fight. 

Still from Bigg Boss 14 (2)

Later in the day Bigg Boss announces a nomination task where the contestants are divided into  two groups. The task is about a display window of the shop where two contestants are standing as mannequins. The teams have to spoil the glass display window of the other team and each team has to protect their display while destroying that of others. Manu is the Sanchalak in this game as he is also the captain. Arshi Khan shows her confidence  that she wants to win the game by all means. 
Still from Bigg Boss 14

In this task Abhinav and Rubina are put in opposite teams, and once the task starts, Abhinav is put in one window while Rubina in another. In the first round, Manu decides to favour Abhinav which ticks off Rubina. She blames Manu to be an unfair captain. In  the next round Kashmera and Eijaz lock horns as they get into a brawl and Eijaz pins Kashmera down during the task. Jasmin gets furious and she and Eijaz get into a verbal spat.

Still from Bigg Boss 14 (5)

Who will be nominated this week?  Will Abhinav be joining Eijaz’s team?

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