Bigg Boss 14 Synopsis Saturday 9th January 2021

Bigg Boss 14 Synopsis Saturday 9th January 2021

Rashami Desai enters for Vikas Gupta while Jasmin Bhasin’s parents grace the Bigg Boss house

Its Family Week in Bigg Boss and the housemates are all extremely excited about who will show up for them. In his trademark style, Bigg Boss asks the gathered housemates to freeze as their loved ones enter the house. When Bigg Boss releases them is when they can go and interact with them.

This time, Bigg Boss decides to surprise Jasmin Bhasin as her parents enter. An ecstatic  Jasmin, who has been asked to freeze, rushes to them the moment she is released. Her parents, too, are thrilled to meet their daughter. They also have advice for her. They ask Jasmin to play a solo game and establish herself. It’s evident that they are hinting about her closeness with Aly. While Jasmin tries to explain to her parents about her bond, her mom and dad are sure that she is making a mistake being with Aly!

Vikas Gupta, who has been rather unhappy and feels that no one is going to show up for him in the family week is pleasantly surprised when his friend Rashami Desai shows up! Vikas is overjoyed on seeing Rashami and the two hug it out through the screen. Rashami has some good advice for Vikas. She tells him to not pay any heed when the housemates blame him for things that happened on the outside. She also reminds him that it is the public who have given him the tag as mastermind. She asks him to love himself and to not give in to despair. She also asks Aly and Jasmin to stop Bullying Vikas. She asks the housemates to not corner him and to not speak about his family. Seeing this kind of fierce support, Vikas is speechless and extremely thankful!

Bigg Boss has a very special surprise in store for Eijaz Khan as well. Having yearned to meet Pavitra Punia for so long,  Eijaz’s happiness knows no bounds when he hears Pavitra calling ‘Khan Sahab’ and he immediately rushes outside to see her. They open their hearts out and express their love for each other. Signing off, Pavitra says that she has already won her trophy hinting towards Eijaz.

Will Jasmin heed her parents’ advice and maintain distance from Aly? How will Vikas Gupta bounce back after that show of support from Rashami?

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