Bigg Boss 14 – Synopsis Day 59

Bigg Boss 14 – Synopsis Day 59


Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta’s rivalry heats up even more in Bigg Boss

With the dhamakedaar entry and clash of the challengers in the Bigg Boss house, both parties now seem to be adjusting and getting to know each other. The day starts off with Jasmin clearly pining missing Aly. She requests Bigg Boss to bring back Aly inside the house. Challengers Rahul Mahajan and Kashmira Shah are seen giving her some marriage advice and having a fun banter. While Rahul Mahajan advises her to have two kids and a few pets and make an ideal family, Kashmeera Shah vouches for how nice Aly is as a groom for Jasmin!
While there is love and longing on Jasmin’s part, all is not well between Arshi and Vikas. The firebrand Arshi is seen clashing with Mastermind Vikas at each and every step in the show.. Be it their tasks or be it regarding other house duties; the two cannot see eye to eye. In fact, Arshi even questions Vikas’ title as the Mastermind! Arshi and Vikas fight it out, and Vikas is seen instructing Arshi to not fall prey to all the rumours that the other housemates are filling her ears with.

Rubina is seen lamenting about the fact that how the challengers have come in the house and made their lives miserable!
Will Jasmin’s wish come true and Aly return to the house? Who between Arshi and Vikas will step back?

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