Bhim’s special tribute to Bhagat Singh on Dance + 5!

Bhim’s special tribute to Bhagat Singh on Dance + 5!

Bhim’s special tribute to Bhagat Singh on Dance + 5

Dance +, one of the most popular dance reality shows on Indian television has been regaling audiences all over with its 5th season. The stellar dance acts performed by contestants have been winning hearts and as they compete with each other to win the title! On the recent shoot, captain Dharmesh had presented a challenge to Punit’s team to perform on a mythological or historical theme. The captain chose to bring forth one of his strongest contenders – Bhim whose performance made everyone emotional on the sets.
Bhim’s special tribute to Bhagat Singh on Dance + 5-
Bhim masterfully enacted a choreography which gave a brief glimpse from the life of one of the greatest martyrs from India’s freedom struggle – Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Bhim’s graceful dance moves with a voice over from captain Punit struck a chord with all the members present on sets. After his heart touching performance, a source from the sets revealed, “Dharmesh was truly impressed with Bhim’s act and also said that no one else could have given a fitting tribute to the great revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh. It’s also a special act since Bhim is a member of the Indian army. Even Punit agreed with Dharmesh’s opinion of Bhim being the perfect choice for this act.”

Post his performance, Bhim said, “I would say that every Indian is Bhagat Singh, be it a person who takes care of his parents or a father who is looking after his entire family. I feel every person who does a good deed selflessly is Bhagat Singh.”

We can’t wait to watch this special act by Bhim on the upcoming episode of Dance + 5!

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