Bharat Ka Veer Putra ..Maharana Pratap Monday to Thursday @10pm

Bharat Ka Veer Putra ..Maharana Pratap

Monday to Thursday @10pm

16th December  to 19th December, Monday to Thursday –  Udai singh shocks everyone by declaring that Pratap will be given death as a punishment. Chundawat and others tries to convince him but he sticks to his decision. With the heavy heart Udai Singh lightens the chita on which Kunwar Pratap is sitting and the chita starts burning with Udai singh left heavy hearted. Drunk Rao Surtan reveals all the plan that he made with Bairam khan against Udai Singh in front of everyone. This traps Rao Surtan and Bairam khan and Udaisingh comes to know about their plan. This plan alarms everyone in boondi and Pratap comes in front of everyone, all are shocked.. There Raghavendra reveals their plan that how they wanted to trap Rao Surtan so that he can reveal his plan. On the other hand Jaivantabai, Sajjabai and Bhatiyani in temple praying for rana Udai singh and Pratap. As punishment Udai Singh and Pratap throw Surtan in the mud where he cries for help. With this udai singh and kunwar pratap reaches mewar. Udai singh is happy gives a sword to Pratap and calls Jaivantabai to his room. where Jaivantabai tells him why she hid Pratap’s truth .On the other hand Pratap meets Bhatiyani and thanks her. On the other hand Udai Singh calls Javantabai and apologises on his mistake, where there is a sweet moment between Udai singh and Jaivantbai. On the other hand Bairam khan comes to Rao Surtan and tells him about his new plan against Mewar .

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