Bharat ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap -29th July -1st August 10:00pm

Bharat ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap – 29th July – 1st August 10:00pm

MRP Story Synopsis:- 29th July to 1st Aug

Pratap has lost Aashram’s entrance test to Shakti yet he gets inducted into GR’s training because of Shakti’s request to GR. Post this Queen Bhatiyani tries to germ Queen Sajjabai’s mind due to which Queen Sajjabai goes to Uday singh asking rights for Shakti & ends up enraging him, Shakti has been watching all this from outside. Uday Singh shares this with Bhatiyani & she too tries to germ his mind more. Shamsher Khan catches hold of the spy that Uday Singh had sent & beheads him. Shakti is fuming seeing his father’s behavior towards his mother, Sajjabai trying to calm him down. Pratap reaches aashram late on the very first day itself & as punishment GR asks him to get him flowers from a tree near his Palace. Shamsher Khan & Shams Khan goes to Basar Khan, the assassin they will hire to kill Pratap. Uday Singh is disappointed with all other Kings refusal to unite as one. Chundawat proposes the idea of conducting pahalwan (kushti) competition to get together all Rajputs. Queen Bhatiyani is more than happy to know that Pratap has lost to Shakti in the competition at Gurukul. Uday Singh is shocked to see the body of the spy whom he had sent to keep a check on Shams & Shamsher Khan, Uday Singh could sense a danger from Khan brothers after seeing this. .& is more determined to conduct the kushti competition.

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