Bhairavi Goswami In ‘Kamasutra – The Poetry Of Sex’

Bhairavi Goswami In ‘Kamasutra – The Poetry Of Sex’


Bhairavi Goswami is an actor, television host and an animal activist but she unabashedly calls herself a ‘Sex Goddess’. Who better than her can one think of to feature in a short film based on the sexual art of ‘Kamasutra’?

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text on sexual advice written by Vātsyāyana. Kama is one of the four goals of Hindu life and means desire, including sexual desire and sutra literally means a thread or line that holds things together, in this case relationships between man and woman.
This particular Kamasutra themed short film (dubbed in English) has been directed by Surendra Hiwarale who has also handled the camera. He plans to showcase it at major festivals like Toronto, Cannes, Tribecca, NYFF, Sundance, Cairo etc.
On her Kamasutra experience, Bhairavi says, “Filming Kamasutra was an intense 3day workout. Being an athlete, I am extremely fit and yet while shooting I was sore. Twisting & bending my body into all kinds of positions was very difficult.
It proves that men and women were much fitter in 400 BCE than today.
It was also a revelation that love making was a science and an art that men and women made an effort to learn and practice.
It’s about loving every inch of yourself and your lover and about giving pleasure as well as receiving it. As they say, Sex is the best exercise for the human body.”

The short film had been officially released on YouTube.
About Bhairavi Goswami
Bhairavi Goswami, is an Indian-born actress, television host and humanitarian. She is passionate about animals and is an animal rights activist. Horse riding is her passion and she has seven horses.

Goswami won the “Pantaloons Model Quest” and was runner up at the “AXN Hot & Wild” contest. The Times of India described her as “the Paris Hilton of India, who loves to socialise”.

After her first movie role in Sagar Bellary’s Bheja Fry, she acted in the children’s hit composite animation film My Friend Ganesha 2. In her next film, Mr. Bhatti on Chutti, starring Anupam Kher with Amitabh Bachchan in a cameo appearance, she played a glamorous girl. Goswami shed her glamorous image to play a simple school teacher in Kachcha Limboo.She has also appeared in My Daddy Strongest with Kumar Gaurav – it is the world’s first silent children’s film. She has ten plays to her credit, including Liar LiarTea Coffee or MeMad House and See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.
She’ll now be seen in an erotic short film based on the sexual art of Kamasutra opposite Television actor Anuraag Sharma titled “Kamasutra: A Poetry Of Sex”, which will travel across all major film festivals.