Besides Technological advancements, the filmmaking process remains the same – Partho Ghosh

Besides Technological advancements, the filmmaking process remains the same – Partho Ghosh

Partho Ghosh

Widely appreciated, respected and critically acclaimed filmmaker of the 90s, Partho Ghosh who delivered super hits like Dalal, 100 Days, Teesra Kaun, Agni Sakshi, Ghulam-e-Mustafa is ready with his next flick ‘Dosti Zindabad’ – a contemporary story of three friends. This youth-centric film will instantly relate to the current generation. Returning to filmmaking after a long hiatus, Partho says that is upcoming film shall appeal to the entire family that has comedy and action blended in the story which carries a message to the masses.

“The only difference I have noticed in the present day films to the 90s is that the techniques and technological advancements in the process of filmmaking have taken rapid strides. Other than this, the masses still look out for entertainment only. The audience’s mind-set remains the same as it was during that period – they want to laugh, cry, watch  the songs ,  enjoy the action and relate to the emotions in a movie film they come to watch. If one looks westwards, you would see that songs and music in that particular film would be there only if it is a musical film or somewhere near that genre,” observed Partho further denouncing the new trend of creating artificial controversies just for the sake of the publicity of a film.

Partho Ghosh is upbeat about the fresh and new talent that he is featuring in ‘Dosti Zindabad’. As the film is a story of three friends, the first one is played by Dev Sharma ( Yaariyan and Muzaffarnagar fame), Rahuul Chaudhary – a leading model who has signed several other films and telly serials  and the third lead is Abbas Khan, a popular TV artists  known for his Television shows , mostly lapataganj in which he potrayed the characted of biji pandey .  The film also has three fresh faces.   the talented and  beautiful actresses  Sakshi Maggo, Sabiha Attarwala and Apurva Nain.

Veteran actor Shakti Kapoor plays an important role of a under-secretary to the minister. Shaktiji’s character has several peculiarities and the suspense creates  a curiosity till the end.

With the peppy numbers, the music of ‘Dosti Zindabad’ is set to create a huge buzz and the film is scheduled to release in the post-exams period that is somewhere in the second half of April. The producers of ‘Dosti Zindabad’ are in the process of a  talk with a distribution company having  a really wide network of theatres. Says Partho Ghosh, “The film’s producer Ashish Maheshwari is a wonderful person who personally took care of the artists during the shooting. Almost 90% shooting took place in Lucknow while the rest was in the beautiful valleys  of Nainital. Such  perfect execution was possible only with support of Ashishji.”

The shooting of Dosti Zindabad is complete and the film  produced by Shailesh and Shruti Maheshwari of Shreya Cine Vision is in the final stages of post-production. It’s story is pinned  by Ashish Maheshwari and scripted by Sohail Mushtak. It is co-produced by Anshu Kanodia and the PR is handled by Sanjay Bhushan Patiala.

Actors Dev Sharma, Sakshi Maggo, Abbas Khan, Sabiha Attarwala, Rahuul Chaudhary  Apurva Nain, Shakti Kapoor, Mohan Joshi, Kiran Kumar, Rajeev Nigam, Ehsan Khan and Shradha Sharma play pivotal roles in the film. Music is rendered by Sachin Anand and Biswajeet Bhattacharya. Dosti Zindabad’s action directors are  Nagar Pathania and Siraj Khan, the  Choreography is beautifully done  by Jojo Khan,the casting was done by Chirag Khan,  Line Producer – Manish Rathi, Executive Producer – Nilesh Rathi and the DOP is Akram Khan.