Reliance Entertainment’s Bengali blockbuster Chotushkone is set for a national release on October 31. Having won rave reviews from critics and viewers alike within the Bengal territory since its release on September 26th, Chotushkone has caught the attention of Bengalis and cinema aficionados across the length and breadth of the nation. Taking into consideration the growing demand for regional content across metros, the movie will release in 5 cities, namely Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad on October 31st.

Speaking on this, Mr. Sanjeev Lamba, CEO, Reliance Entertainment said, “The metros are home to a large Bengali-speaking migratory population who expresses a keen interest in local cinema. By releasing the movie nationally, it is our effort to reach out to them and other cinema enthusiasts favouring good content in various

The movie will be subtitled in English for the benefit of the non Bengali-speaking audiences. Chotushkone or ‘The Quadrangle’ is a film about love, ambition, unconventional relationships and above all, vengeance.

When a famous director, Jayobrato, receives an offer from a producer who wants to make a film out of four short films made by Jayobrato and three other famous directors, Trina, Shakyo and Diptyo, he shares the idea with them. The conditions are that they have to act in their own short films, they have to travel to the producer’s bungalow in a jungle to give him a joint narration of their individual stories and the short films need to have a common theme – Death. Since Diptyo and Trina have had an affair in the past with Shakyo being the silent third angle, Jayobrato has a difficult time convincing them but eventually succeeds. Hence they set out on a journey, all three narrating their stories on their way, and also in the process, rediscovering aspects of their past, and also their present day relationships in their respective lives. However, the film reaches a climax and a tragic end when Jayobrato tells his story and we discover that even he is related to all three, in the process uncovering terrible secrets from their past.


Aparna Sen as Trina Sen (Trinadi)

Chiranjeet Chakraborty as Dipto

Goutam Ghosh as Sakyo

Parambrata Chatterjee as Joyobroto

Payel Sarkar as Nilanjana

Indrasish Roy as Ritwik

Rahul Banerjee as Amitava

Kaushik Ganguly as Mr. Gupta (Producer)

Barun Chanda as Moloy Sen ( Trina’s Husband)

Debolina Dutta as Sonia

Koneenica Banerjee as Shree

Cinemas releasing Chotushkone

Mumbai: Big R City Ghatkopar, Cinemax Versova Andheri, PVR Phoenix Mall Lower Parel, INOX Vashi, INOX Malad.

Pune: INOX Amanora, Cinepolis Poona.

Delhi Circuit: Satyam Nehru Palace, PVR Anupam Saket, PVR MGF Gurgaon

Bangalore: PVR Market City Mysore, INOX Garuda, Cinepolis

Hyderabad: Prasad Nizam