BE TRUE DAZZLES IN NAGPUR Jewellery Dynasty: Ghanasingh Be True


Jewellery Dynasty: Ghanasingh Be True

Krishaa & Gautam Ghanasingh invites you to preview their New Bridal Collection “Princess Bride” In Nagpur. Taking a new step in this direction, the brand has excited clients from outside of Mumbai. Cities like Banglore, Hyderabad and Delhi already consistently engage in online and personal buying. To enter a the rich gold loving market of Nagpur, Be True associates with none other than Times Gehena showcasing signature pieces from their hot-selling collections. Nagpur will witness a line of jewellery from El-Clasico and Princess Bride, highlight collections of 2013. The brand will also showcase limited edition pieces from the Maheka Mirpuri for Ghanasingh Be True line.

Ghanasingh Be True in a short span of time has proved that they are here to stay. Under skilful guidance 0f bijoutier extraordinaire Gautam Ghanasingh, the brand is rapidly moving towards a long promising future that will leave behind an impressive legacy for generations to come. Bridal jewellery is Ghanasingh Be True’s forte and they make sure that no two pieces look the same. Each bride can customize her jewellery to her taste so that it is a reflection of her personality. Also known as the “Bridal Specialist” Gautam believes that every bride is special and through his creations she should be able to express all her desires and aspirations about her big day. Launching new collections every 3 months, they give their client more and more to desire for.

Each Ghanasingh Be True jewellery line upholds the brands core value of being true to four generations of heritage but at the same time being modern and contemporary. The prices are very competitive but customer friendly and target a woman who is ambitious, driven and confident of her charm and sex appeal. They use only the highest quality precious and semi-precious stones set in the purest material and the production is done by Indian craftsmen and international technicians giving it a finishing that rivals international standards. The brand has all it takes to cherish clients over generations to come.

Ghanasingh Be True has an illustrious 108 year legacy of unmatched craftsmanship, design and high quality service. Mixing these values with a modern and fresh new perspective is the creative vision of young and dynamic Entrepreneur Gautam Ghanasingh. Gautam has all that it takes to elevate Ghanasingh Be True to soaring heights. His ideology is creative, fresh and yet analytical. He wants to make jewellery for the modern woman combining age-old techniques with bold and contemporary designs. The brand positioning is medium to high range and aims at selling a line of jewellery at affordable yet competitive prices. Ghanasingh Be True has a whole new team headed by Gautam Ghanasingh as Creative Director. His wife Krishaa Ghanasingh: Director Marketing& Strategy truly is the driving force behind the brands new principles and values.

To view an Exclusive collection of couture jewellery at Times Gehena

Date: 6th – 8th December 2013

Venue: Tuli International, Nagpur, Maharashtra [India]

Times: 10:00am to 7:00pm