BBC Earth Films launches Earth: One Amazing Day in China

BBC Earth Films launches Earth: One Amazing Day in China

BBC Earth Films launches Earth: One Amazing Day in China

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Earth: One Amazing Day, the much anticipated follow-up to BBC Earth Films’ $112m box office smash Earth: The Movie makes its world premiere in Beijing today.

Earth: One Amazing Day showcases the remarkable stories that happen on earth, our home, each and every day, driven by the power of the Sun. It takes audiences on a breath-taking and immersive voyage across the continents, through the oceans and skies as it track the sun’s journey…all in a single amazing day.

A BBC Earth Films and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) Pictures co-production, the Mandarin language release is narrated by international superstar Jackie Chan (Kung Fu PandaRush HourPolice Story), co-directed by Lixin Fan (Last Train) and co-written by celebrated screenwriter Geling Yan (Flowers of WarComing Home). The music production on the film is a collaboration between composer Alex Heffes and Roc Chen (Forbidden KissChinese Zodiac), putting together world class musicians from across the best orchestras in China.


The Mandarin version of the film will open to thousands of cinemas in China on 11 August, and Chinese audiences will be the first in the world to see Earth: One Amazing Day. Some of  the first include:

  • Earth: One Amazing Day is the first feature film to be produced under the UK-China co-production treaty
  • Earth: One Amazing Day is the first Western feature film to record its entire musical score in Mainland China
  • Earth: One Amazing Day is the first documentary feature to be released in Dolby Cinema format, which offers the highest quality in picture and sound available in the theatrical market and bringing technology usually associated with Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Earth: One Amazing Day represents the first time an international film crew has captured some of the natural world’s most fascinating behaviour including footage of the rarely glimpsed white-headed langur monkeys in the Guangxi Mountains in South West China.

Said Stephen McDonogh, Earth: One Amazing Day’s Producer, BBC Earth Films: ‘We set out to create a unique and compelling story of life, to showcase Earth’s immense value, and to inspire audiences of every age to cherish our beautiful planet. That is what we want Earth: One Amazing Day to do – to connect audiences to the natural world and for them to treasure every single amazing day on it.”

Taking more than four years to plan and three years to make, Earth: One Amazing Day comes a decade after Earth. “I think you can only do such special films when it is appropriate to do them,” says Neil Nightingale, Creative Director of BBC Earth. “We have no mandate to do a film a year. So we look for those special opportunities that allow us to think we can create something really extraordinary. Our collaboration with SMG Pictures, among other factors, meant that we were able to make a big screen sequel that showcases the billions of remarkable stories that happen on Earth each and every day in a dramatic, humorous heart-warming way, and delivers a vision that is both intimate and epic. We are certain that Earth: One Amazing Day will be a hit with families in China and the rest of the world.”

The English version of Earth: One Amazing Day is narrated by Academy Award and Golden Globe winning actor, director, producer, and environmentalist Robert Redford. It is directed by Peter Webber (Oscar nominee The Girl with the Pearl Earring) and Richard Dale (BAFTA and Peabody winner The Human Body) leading a world class production team including in demand screenwriter Frank Cottrell-Boyce. It will premiere in the US in Autumn 2017.