Based on Cyber Crime Money Devo Bhava Compelete

Based on Cyber Crime

                                              Money Devo Bhava Compelete

In the times when mammoth financial crimes pop up by the day, Money Devo Bhava as the title suggests deals with the role that greed of money and things that money can buy plays in the lives of youngsters. Perhaps the first film that delves into cybercrime space, MDB is young, edgy and dark. MDB is a soul stirring story of a small town youngster who is driven to making money at the cost of every relation he has not knowing if it really is worth it.

Shot extensively in Dehradun and Jaipur, the film is produced by Atul Productions – makers of much acclaimed summer 2007. Directed by Anand Sivakumaran, Music by Gourov Dasgupta, Songs by Sonu Niggam, Sunidhi Chohan etc. The Director of Photography is Moloy Dasgupta and Costumes are by Lovleen Bains.

The cast comprises of new comers Nikhil and Nina Sarkar. Ajay Rohilla, Sanjeev Tyagi, Pooja Ruparel, Amol Parashar and Venky A V are rest of the important actors.