BARKHA DATTANI – A Young Woman Entrepreneur

BARKHA DATTANI – A Young Woman Entrepreneur

BARKHA DATTANI – A Young Woman Entrepreneur

Barkha Dattani

There was a time when huge celebrities were known by their Star Status and the fan followings they generated. But today in these mad world of Social Media and Digital world when any news the moment its announced becomes a big news in matter of seconds and in few hours creates legendary following which is beyond anyone’s imagination. So today how it happens there are no Stars who are born but huge Brands that are created and nurtured through constant hammering in the media all over and converting it into an entity to reckon with.

I had the fortune of meeting up with one such young enterprising talent who is an expert in creating exclusive logos for the Brands and creating new and newer Brands in the process. In a one on one dialogue with Barkha Dattani at no given time did she mince her words while speaking about her love and passion for designing unique logos for the Brands she is entrusted with and highlighting with her creative inputs. Not only has she specialized in these art form but has an illustrious list of A Lister clients to her credit and won innumerable awards for the same.

She has developed this concept of Emotional Branding about which she speaks on some of the platforms offered by some prestigious institutions and forums where she gets invited. Despite belonging to a very strong financial family background she has grown her own small empire where she gives her best shot at what she does and does not deter when it comes to doing charity like Eye Donation Camp and the likes which gives her immense joy and pleasure.

When you are conversing with a young dynamite there are bound to be some sparks and as a result more revelations get unfolded and are displayed with equal humility. Read about the journey of this happening persona who is waiting for you to come up with a Brand which she can undertake to create a Barkhas Brand Logo.

Barkha Dattani, a very young & dynamic personality, inherited business acumen having direct lineage with Dattani Group of builders, started her exhibitions when she was just 16 years old. After completion of her MBA from renowned Wigan ‘s Leigh University, London she got herself strategically involved in exhibitions, brand strategy, conceptualization and brand creation from young age. She can boast of vast experience of 14 years in these diverse fields. Her deep knowledge and in-depth experience culminated in getting assignments like MCHI Exhibition, Barkha’s Auto Show Exhibitions with Times and Radio Mirchi, Femina Bridal Show, Amazing India at Dubai and many more.

Barkha Dattani-

With her pioneering efforts, she has shared her concept’s innovations for value addition for brands like Reliance, Launch of Hyundai Getz, Binny’s Designer Diamond Jewellery, Sabio Eagle Group,, Aptech etc.

Barkha Dattani-1

After her successful foray in Barkha’s Exhibits, with her expertise, she founded another company in the name and style of Barkha’s Brand Clinic. (Barkha’s) though specialises in designing corporate identity, brochures, company name suggestion, tagline suggestion etc.

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Its main strength lies in Logo Designing as Barkha’s makes logos through research, concept and after understanding the science behind Logos and colours for all fields/diligence.

Barkha Dattani

Barkha’s not only focuses on the brand designing but also focuses on understanding the behavioural pattern of the target group. The company has even designed Logos for companies like K Raheja, Reliance, DNA infoline, Janmabhoomi, Talwarkars, SOTC, Bright Construction, Chaubey Realties and many more. The company which also specialises in Signature Logo concept has designed logo for one of the famous celebrity Mr. R Madhavan very well known as Maddy.

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With young age & dynamic personality to her advantage matched with swift thinking, total devotion & a trail of her perfectly executed assignments, her name is already well recognized and accepted in the industry. Mr. Amir Khan, known for perfection in the Film Industry, appreciated logo designed of Ms. Barkha Dattani in media. Even Mr. Santosh Nair (Smmart Training and Consultancy service), a very well known Motivational Guru got his logo done through her as well.

The Brand Logo Designer

Barkha Dattani’s milestone in very young age.

She has received an award in the ‘Business’ category as “BRAND DIVA” from Feelings

Multimedia Magazines.

Received an award as ‘Brand Creator of the Year’ – National Real

Very young woman entrepreneur

The director of Barkha’s Brand Clinic a leading, well known Logo design company.

Only logo design company to have 9 branch offices all over India.

Having clients ranging from SOTC, Britannia, R Madhavan, Birla group, Tata group & many more.

Recently done logo for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Barkha Dattani ​has already got 9 awards by now for Brand & Logo designing,

Barkha Dattani 1

Women Entrepreneur of the year

Young achiever of the year, PRIDE OF INDIA ​etc

She was recently invited at Forbes As Young Women Entrepreneur

She was also invited at Microsoft as The most elite client for their launch

She was recently invited at launch of her client MERCEDES their new car ​

She was recently invited at Zoya, TATA Brand as the Brand Ambassador of Zoya

Listed in this years as India’s MOST ATTRACTIVE BRANDS OF THE YEAR 2015

The most prestigious book called ‘The most attractive brands of the year’, is a book where all the top most brands of India are listed and ranked.

Barkha’s Brand Clinic is listed in this book India’s most attractive brands 2015

About Barkha’s Brand Clinic Barkha’s Brand Clinic is a renowned Brand Logo designing Co, makes logos through research, concept and after understanding the science behind Logos and colors for all fields/diligence. Barkha’s not only focuses on the brand designing but also focuses on understanding the behavioural pattern of the target group.

Barkha’s Brand Clinic, believe in innovation and creativity to its core, they through intense break through ideas and research have time and again echoed their name in the logo designing industry.

The K.I.S (Keep It Simple) principle was pounded into our head since the beginning – and we still follow it today in most of my designs. We know that our most successful efforts are the simplest. We always find ourselves trying to subtract detail from design concepts in an attempt to distil the idea down to the most basic communication tool.

As designers we are influenced – both consciously and subconsciously – by everything we see around ourselves. Still, we always try to avoid anything that has been defined as the latest and greatest “trend” in design. One of our “mantra” is: “Just be yourself be natural and give in your 200%, the rest will follow”

We as a team have created as many as 300 effective logo designs till date – we have adopted latest technology in our office so that really successful designs can be created with software giving “special effects.” And give treatments to great design solutions with a concept defined, companies brand value, brand image and the company’s vision and mission statement in mind.

We don’t like just having an icon, or piece of art, up next to a type treatment. In some cases it is appropriate and effective – but it’s something we try to avoid in creating a strong and unique logo for a client. We enjoy making a long term deeply meaning logo. It should give the brand a power packed image.