Ayushmann has a special surprise for all the mothers out there!

Ayushmann has a special surprise for all the mothers out there!

Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana is a sensitive star who has his heart at the right place. On this Mother’s Day, the versatile actor has planned a super special surprise for all the moms out there! Ayushmann will be posting a song titled Ma especially dedicated to the mothers!

Ayushmann confirms saying, “Though every single day should be called Mother’s Day, given the sacrifices she makes and the unconditional love that she showers on her child, it is quite sweet that we can all celebrate our mothers on a special day especially dedicated to them.”

He adds, “On this Mother’s Day, I will be posting a really special song, titled Ma, which we are dedicating to all the mothers out there. The spirit of motherhood has always amazed me and I will be humbly singing in praise of this ever-caring, ever-nurturing force.”

Ayushmann is teaming up with his friend and composer Rochak Kohli, who has composed this song. Rochak will also sing the soulful track with him. The lyrics of the song has been written by Gurpreet Saini.

Ayushmann says, “I’m collaborating with my dear friend Rochak, who had composed this beautiful track that celebrates mothers. Rochak and I will be singing this track together. It is an absolute honour for me to sing this song for all the mothers who constantly and selflessly shape our lives and our world.”