Ayurveda Pioneer Shahnaz Husain shares her Harvard journey with IITians

Ayurveda Pioneer Shahnaz Husain shares her Harvard journey with IITians

Shahnaz Husain speaking at IIT Business Summit

Global Pioneer of Ayurveda Shahnaz Husain was recently invited as the keynote speaker at the IIT Business Summit titled “Building India Inc. 2018” on  April 2018. An initiative of IIT Delhi’s Department of Management Studies (DMS), the lecture series by distinguished personalities has been playing a pivotal role in inspiring post-graduate management students aspiring to be future entrepreneurs and leaders of the country. She was given a rousing reception by the students and the faculty at the entry gate, and greeted with a bouquet of flowers.

Shahnaz spoke of her fascinating journey to Harvard, and shared how from being a “Case Study”, she went on to become a Subject on Brand Creation and Emerging Markets. She also spoke on the crucial role of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Beauty and Ayurveda. Students listened with rapt attention when the Beauty and Wellness Icon spoke about the various facets of her life, personal milestones, future aspirations, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and more significantly, how she broke the shackles as a young teenage bride and mother to become the ‘Pioneer of Natural Beauty Products Market and Ayurveda. The young and bright minds seated in the packed Dogra hall were really inspired when Shahnaz shared tales of her initial struggling days in Tehran when she used to write articles for Grand Tribune that required her to type for hours together so that she could bear expenses for her studies. It was heart moving when she confessed how she reached a stage in life when doctors literally warned her of chopping her sore finger if she didn’t stop typing.

IIT Business Summit

Shahnaz’s speech was ensued by a highly invigorating Q & A that saw students pose myriad questions to her.

Prof. Venkat presented Shahnaz with a memento and thanked her for taking time out of her busy schedule to enlighten the young minds.