Avantika and Imran Khan Pledge support to Helping Hands: an endeavour to raise funds for children affected by cancer

Avantika and Imran Khan Pledge support to Helping Hands: an endeavour to raise funds for children affected by cancer

AnemosImran and Avantika Khan, Anemos and Helping Hands came together to pledge their support for Helping Hands yesterday evening.

Imran and Avantikka Khan ,MadhaviGoenka, Vandana Malik hosted the press conference to talk about the Exhibition on the 29th of September which will be hosted The Palladium to create awareness and raise funds towards providing nutrition enhanced meals, emergency treatment, accommodation and other constant requirements to children afflicted with cancer who come to Mumbai for treatment.

They talked about how celebrated names like Kim Sharma, Vandana Malik and Reena Dutta amongst the others, will come together and exhibit at this extravaganza affair  to support the noble cause.

MadhaviGoenka – Founder of Helping Hands shares: “Helping Hands is important to me because we raise funds and provide timely emergency treatment to children who are dependent on aid ,we provide nutrition  for sustenance of treatment and free housing to those kids who would otherwise be forced to abandon treatment. It has been our constant endeavor to initiate sustainable projects for the hospitals pediatrics department .Our recent initiative aims at creating more support for the treatment of children battling cancer and our target is to raise  funds and find donors  through our exhibition on the 29th of September. We at Helping Hands urge and request people to support this cause as every child deserves the chance to lead a happy and healthy life

Imran Khan : “Avantika and I have recently become parents. Our lives revolve around the growth and wellness of our daughter. We connected instantly with the endeavourof  ‘Helping Hands’ and pledge support to the best of our ability. We hope their effort is embraced by all”.

Avantika Khan:  “When I learnt that a child’s health is the least priority on the wellness pyramid, I was deeply saddened and hence decided to partake and lend my support to Helping Hands. Being a mother myself, I know how important good health is for a child. In fact, it’s the most important factor. I do hope that Helping Hands receives overwhelming support.”

NipoonAgrawal, Director,Anemos: “Anemos takes great pride in associating with Helping Hands. An endeavour as noble and with so much meaning is a true reflection of our own ethos and principle. We pledge a percentage of our sales towards Helping Hands and encourage our patrons and industry colleagues in the lifestyle and other businesses to give to create a better quality of life for those who need it the most.”

About Helping Hands:

Helping Hands, a noble initiative started by 2 high school  students as part of a Community service project  is registered under the BPG Goenka Trust that has been constantly working towards providing nutrition, accommodation, treatment, education  and other facilities to children of lesser or no means. We work with children suffering from cancer,lepers, their  orphans and the further education of the visually impaired. Our motto is together we can: as we truly believe that no child should be denied the basics of food, education and good health.

About Tata Memorial:

Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) is the apex national cancer referral, treatment and research center under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt of India. ImPaCCT

Foundation (Improving Paediatric Cancer Care and Treatment) is integral part of TMH that is responsible for supporting the Paediatric Department, where every year about

2400 new children with cancer are treated from all over the country.

Childhood Cancers are highly curable if diagnosed early and treated appropriately.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of the children with cancer coming to TMH are from low and low-middle socio- economic strata of the society, and hence require significant

support if they have to complete curative therapy. This includes financial, residential, emotional, travel and nutritional support. This is especially important in childhood

cancers since treatment is long (from several months to a few years).

“Our centre is already at the forefront of providing holistic care to these highly curable children (such as financial adoption, nutritional, emotional, transfusion support) which has reduced our abandonment in last 5 years from >20% to 5% saving lives and preventing death of at least 300 children every year. After analysing the major reasons for families refusing treatment for their children, we realised that accommodation problem was a major reason for abandonment of treatment. Most of the families are so poor that they cannot pay a minimum charge of Rs. 50-100 a day for the least expensive dharamshalas.

To address this unmet need, in 2013 we tied up with Helping Hands founded by Miss MadhaviGoenka. She has been providing us with funds which go towards accommodation support. Now we are able to provide  families with peaceful nights of stay in a safe, secure and clean accommodation centre in Mumbai. Getting accommodation at a good clean place helped them in continuing treatment as well as preventing infections thereby preventing the death of these children due to cancer or its complications” says ,Dr.BrijeshArora, Professor, Pediatric Oncology&ShaliniJatia, Social Worker, Pediatric Oncology

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