Author I.R. Shankar comes out with his 2nd novel “True Colors of Love”

Author I.R. Shankar comes out with his 2nd novel “True Colors of Love”


I.R.Shankar, born and raised in India, came to the United States. He is an Electronics and Communication Engineer by training and a Software Consultant by profession. He has a passion for writing novels. He is the author of the semi-autobiographical novel titled ‘An Adolescent Mind’. True Colors of Love is his second book, a psychological novella for the lover of fiction.


He is currently launching his e-books in India, please find attached the synopsis of his books.


His 1st novel, ‘An Adolescent Mind’ deals with the transitional age of shock and drama. It’s the story of a young Indian boy stepping into adulthood with all the fears, faux pas, and embarrassing situations. His curiosity has to be satiated through means he had never imagined before. He is caught in between tradition and modernity the trap the Indian society binds itself today.


Ravi’s 2nd novel, ‘True Colors of Love’ is a unique work of fiction. It is written in a ‘second person narrative’ which is rarely found in fiction.  Also the subject matter and thematic content is controversial. TCL is about a young man romancing and fantasizing a thirteen year old girl and recounting of his obsessions and insecurities. At another level it is also a clash between romanticism and rationalism. The hero refuses to be practical and clings to his romantic ideals and eventually at the end of the story realizes that he is an enlightened romantic.


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