Asian Cine Experience at Palladium & Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai from October 3 – 7

Asian Cine Experience at Palladium & Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai from October 3 – 7

Boarding Pass

Zero to Podium 4

The Asian Cine Experience which will be held at Palladium & Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai from October 3 – 7  brings together an expertly curated line-up of film screenings, workshops and panel discussions with some of the leading names in cinema today such as acclaimed scriptwriter Mr. Anjum Rajabali. The endeavour behind these events is to bring alive the art of filmmaking and the power of cinema.
The screenings will include films by acclaimed filmmakers from seven countries including Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Iran and India.
One of the the key highlights of the five-day festival will be the red-carpet premier of Iranian film Boarding Pass, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mehdi Rahmani.

The complete list of films is as follows:

Banting by M. Raihan Halim (Singapore, 2014)

Barf by Mehdi Rahmani (Iran, 2014)

Boarding Pass by Mehdi Rahmani (Iran, 2018)

Cape No: 7 by Wette-shen (Taiwan, 2008)

Fine Totally Fine by Yosuke Fujita (Japan, 2008)

Fuku Chan by Yosuke Fujita (Japan, 2014)

Jackpot by Dustin Nguyen (Vietnam, 2015)

Monkey Twins by Nonthakorn Thaweesu (Thailiand, 2016)

Ok Kanmani by Mani Ratnam (India, 2015)

Ram Lakhan by Subash Ghai (India, 1989)

Taal by Subash Ghai (India, 1999)

Takes Two to Tango by Jen Wan (Taiwan, 2014)

Thenali by K.S Ravikumar (India, 2000)

Zero to Podium by (Iran 2017)

Asian Cine Experience is a part of the of the on-going September Fest program – a celebration of Asian culture hosted by Phoenix MarketCity & Palladium, Chennai. The festivities so far have included the tremendously successful AnimeCon, Korean Beauty Con and Phoenix Gaming Expo weekends. The Asian Cine Experience marks the last chapter of a month-long celebration of Asia’s vibrant popular culture in the city of Chennai.